Value of 200000 rare gold camphor root carving & lt; Leopard & gt; Appearance ( Figure) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-21
Core tip: rarity gold camphor root carving works 'the leopard' June 5 solstice 9, sponsored by the changchun city people's government, the chamber of commerce and industry of changchun city ( Chamber of commerce) Changchun, changchun exhibition industry office, a rarity gold camphor root carving works of 'the leopard' June 5 solstice 9, sponsored by the changchun city people's government, changchun city chamber of commerce and industry ( Chamber of commerce) , changchun, changchun stone antique art exhibition industry office of the chamber of commerce to undertake 'the 4th changchun stone antique art trade fair and the first jewelry yixing purple sand painting and calligraphy exhibition' will be held in Eurasia stores of convention and exhibition center, will usher in the world's rare rare gold camphor root carving works of 'the leopard'. Show visible value 200000 yuan zhang works in this exhibition, gold people will see the legendary rare high-grade timber wood, the holy - — Gold camphor. The exhibition in zhang made of gold, 200000 yuan worth of precious root carving works 'leopard' will appear, the modelling is the only one in the world, belongs to the world of rare rare treasures. World-class master of painting and calligraphy works have free distribution to the citizen in addition, this exhibition, the world famous painting and calligraphy masters 'a dragon' Taiwan - — Yang Dage exhibition with works to citizens free of charge. The changchun residents will see him bring a picture using the method of three dimensional space layout of creation of the 'live' tiger, painting a tiger body can twist, by walking around and no matter what Angle, standing on the tiger always follow behind see the picture. During the fair, Mr Yang Dage to citizens will also send 'dragon' picking up a day 50, first come first served, send out so far. Yang Dage, vice President of the United Nations artists association, his work has a great collection value and unlimited appreciation of space. Invoice to grant 50 ft daily as the stone antique art trade fair co-sponsors, faces the society distinguished visiting tickets, grant 50 per day, get a piece of each in the voucher every 50 to visit before citizens for the exquisite gift can have the opportunity to get a, antique lovers to this exhibition VIP visit tickets. Ticket at location: 2598 of the people's street, east Asia economic and trade news newspaper ( Province hotel backyard) 。 This newspaper hotline: 88488911. The invoice time: daily - 9 16 ( VIP visit ticket quantity is limited, first come, first, sending stocks last) 。 Zhang according to relevant data gold, gold camphor grows southeast Asia tropical rain forest, are three big national treasure (Burma Jade zhang, teak, gold) One of the precious value and scarcity. Zhang's rate of growth is slow, gold will take at least 50 years to become useful, high hardness, not easy to wear and tear, because contain very heavy oil and iron with acid and alkali proof, corrosion resistance, the characteristics of deformation. Even more amazing, zhang after polishing, the gold color, can be gradually oxidized into gold, as time goes by and more show nobility and color. Because of excellent characteristics of zhang has such gold, in the middle ages in Europe and the modern is often used in the most luxurious place, in hundreds of years of the cathedral and the palace building, on the Titanic, in old Shanghai HSBC is visible to myanmar, the peace hotel, customs building gold ZhangHuaLi figure, although after one hundred years vicissitudes of life, but still intact, bright as new. From the beginning of the last century, the world gold camphor resources increasingly scarce, has become difficult to search for a rare resources, make its have the permanent collection value and growing appreciation potential.
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