Urumqi held seven lane street & quot; Youth faction consciousness floating & quot; Exhibition and small sculpture art exhibition

by:Ennas      2021-10-31
Core tip: tianshan net news ( Reporter li Juan photojournalism) A few days ago, from all over the whole xinjiang 30 'youth' artist of more than 150 different styles of art in xinjiang tianshan net news (7 lane street creative industry set Reporter li Juan photojournalism) Recently, from all over the whole xinjiang 30 'youth' artist of more than 150 different styles of art in xinjiang seven lane street creative industry cluster area B area 5 exhibition, the residents in urumqi show their 'youth faction consciousness drift'. It is understood that the consciousness of 'drifting' youth art exhibition exhibition is divided into canvas works and works under two broad categories. Canvas works include paintings, prints, propylene painting; Under the frame work is given priority to with conceptual photography. According to the exhibition curator Zeng Qun KaiJieShao, drift 'consciousness' is simple people encountered in the present society environment and their own development problems make positive judgment, reflect contemporary youth positive, optimistic, upward attitude towards life. Consciousness of 'drifting' youth art exhibition in order to present the humanities environment, cultural context, the life form of xinjiang for the purpose, through multiple 30 artists, multipolar, theme expression, focusing on the development of the contemporary young artists in xinjiang in recent years, writing style, ideology, etc. Over the same period, xinjiang figurine art exhibition held in seven lane street area B, also includes murat vomit, wang zhongming, Wang Xuan yuan, the field such as xinjiang figurine art 28 outstanding artist 30 figurine works of art. From the carriage to cars, from the low block to tall buildings, these works with profound artistic foundation of basic skills, enthusiasm of pure heart, assiduous spirit of creation, reflects the people of all ethnic groups in xinjiang hard work, live in harmony, vigorous spirit and forward construction achievements in all walks of life, embodies the nearly 60 years of development in xinjiang. Consciousness of 'drifting' youth art exhibition and xinjiang figurine art exhibition will be on May 17 and 28 May show closed.
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