Unusual remote control toy 'car'

by:Ennas      2021-11-16

Many people say that cars are adult toys. Of course, for ordinary people, buying a car is not as easy as buying a toy, and in the process of playing, it is not as casual as playing with a toy. Now, the toy car will find the connection point between the toy and the car for car fans. You can speed without incurring a ticket; you can use remote control to park and stay away from scratching; you can buy a large number of cars without worrying about the pressure brought by the price... these stunned remote control cars are toys Or is it a car? The largest remote control car is a headache for many friends who are not very skilled in driving. If you can get off the car and use the remote control to put the car into the warehouse, it will save a lot of trouble. Of course, this is not a fantasy, as long as you own this unique remote-controlled Hummer H3 in the world, everything is OK. Of course, this is a real Hummer H3, which means that it is still powered by the powerful V8 gasoline engine, not a battery that will stop after playing for a while. It's just that the person who invented it installed some powerful remote sensing devices on the H3. In other words, this remote-controlled Hummer can cross 40 cm high walls and more than half a meter of water ditch like other Hummers. Of course, you can't stand one hundred kilometers away and give orders. Imagine sitting in the passenger seat and driving with the remote control. Are you playing a remote control car? Are you still driving? Perhaps, it’s playing and driving again... The fastest remote-controlled toy car is now over 200 kilometers per hour, and the location is in a crowded city, where the car is moving fast... Wait, please don’t hurry Try it yourself, because you are likely to get a ticket from the police uncle. Of course, the above situation is also true, but it will not attract the attention of the police, because compared with the big guy above, this little man with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour is a real toy car. Yes, you read that right, a super remote control toy car with a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour. To be precise, this kind of rocket-shaped thing can reach a speed of 259.1 kilometers per hour, which is faster than the famous sports car BMW-M3, and it has become the world's fastest toy remote control car. But what makes people feel even more crazy is that this remote control car has no braking system, and it can only be stopped by air resistance. When playing, it is best not to try to move forward at full speed, otherwise it is likely to turn into a pile of waste plastic and destroy other things by the way. Toy cars that will appreciate as consumer goods, cars will become less and less valuable as their service life increases, and the prices of those cars worth collecting are astronomical. When everyone always thinks that car models are just decorations and toys, the following toy cars can be played, collected and invested. It is Matchbox's small car models. They are cheap and have a high rate of appreciation in the later period. These small car models produced by Matchbox are just toy cars the size of a matchbox. Although they are small in size and workmanship is not as fine as a watch, they are not inlaid with gold or diamonds, but you must not underestimate them. These gadgets are small and complete. They have all the shapes of cars. They are in the chassis. Shang also has its own ID card, including the year of production, model and place of production, as well as its own unique code, that is to say, this car is unique. The most important thing about these diverse models is that they have huge room for appreciation. A small matchbox that was five yuan apiece 10 years ago has now risen to more than 100 yuan, and some unique classic styles have even sold for tens of thousands of dollars. Children can also drive the toy cars mentioned by BMW. Although they are toys, they can all meet the needs of adults. Obviously, we have overlooked the largest consumer group of toys-children. However, BMW does not forget to cultivate its loyal BMW fans since childhood. For this reason, they have designed a lot of small BMWs for children. Obviously, BMW’s Baby Racer Ⅱ is not like other toys. These little BMWs have fully considered the comfort of the driver and deliberately adopted 4 soft rubber tires to reduce the vibration and noise of the vehicle, whether it is indoor or Outdoors, it's the same as walking on the ground. What is incredible is that BMW also divides different speed levels according to different models. For example, the most expensive M6 Convertible can reach a maximum speed of 8 kilometers per hour, while the ordinary 3 series has a maximum speed of half of the M6, and the price is also cheaper than the M6. 100 euros. According to media reports, a few small BMWs were parked in the garage of the famous star Beckham's home, and their owners were Beckham's sons.
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