United Kingdom: Nearly 1,000 toy robots sold for 46,000 pounds

by:Ennas      2021-11-09
People's Daily Online, London, March 16th. A few days ago, Thornaby, UK, held a robot toy auction. Nearly 1,000 robot toys from all over the world were sold for 46,000 pounds after the four-hour auction ended.  According to local media reports, the most expensive one was a small robot toy produced in Japan in 1939. The final auction price was £2,280. In addition, a Batman toy that also came from Japan sold for 792 pounds, and an American Flash Gordon's rocket car model that was also released in 1939 sold for 600 pounds, both exceeding the pre-estimation.   The auctioneer said that the bidders came from all over the world. The £30,000 to £35,000 was a good result, and the final £46,000 was far beyond the previous assessment.   These robot toys come from a 40-year collection of a couple in Northeast England. (Translated by 璗)
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