Unique theme restaurant---Lego bricks

by:Ennas      2021-11-28

When thinking of building blocks, I believe many people will think of the toy giant 'Lego'. More than 90% of the building block market in Taiwan comes from Lego. Taiwanese love Lego. Recently, new marketing models such as theme restaurants and specialty shops are also popular in Taiwan. In Taiwan, building blocks and Lego are almost equated. According to statistics, the annual building block market in Taiwan is as high as NT$200-300 million, of which 90% comes from Lego. Recently, new marketing models such as theme restaurants have emerged and become popular in Taiwan. In the restaurant experience area, children can experience the fun of DIY for free, and in the display area, the building, castle, airplane and car assembled from Lego bricks are also very eye-catching. But it is indeed a female bag that has attracted the most attention. The building blocks are embroidered on leather, which is both beautiful and fashionable, and full of creativity. Restaurant owner Tony said: “Every girl loves this bag and has a high degree of inquiries.” The dishes in the theme restaurant are naturally Lego features, with puppet-shaped muffins, building block-shaped cupcakes, and even tableware. A combination of building blocks. Each table is also attached with a block box, so that adults and children can eat satisfactorily and have fun. The walls of the restaurant are also very unique, with more than 600 dolls hung on them, all of which are assembled by hand, with different shapes and appearances. Tony: 'More and more children are playing apple (Apple products). I think it is a very bad phenomenon. There are fewer and fewer people playing bricks. The Lego brick theme restaurant provides a good environment for children.' Not only Theme restaurants and Lego accessories stores are also very prosperous, with a dazzling array of Wan Bell accessories, which can be replaced at will to create exclusive Lego dolls. Parents said: “Lego is very helpful to children’s brain development and creativity.” Many parents accompany their children to play Lego and enjoy parent-child time together. They also fulfilled their childhood dreams.
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