Unabated demand in the maternal, infant and child industry 2020 CKE China Baby and Child Exhibition helps companies emerge

by:Ennas      2021-12-17

Compared with catering, clothing and other industries, the maternal, infant and child products industry suffered less losses in this epidemic. Some mothers are even afraid that they will not be able to buy anything during the epidemic prevention and control period, and they will stock up some maternal and child products, and even temporarily out of stock. Because for the specific consumer groups of mothers, infants and children, products for mothers, infants and children are the rigid needs of their daily lives. With the initial victory of the domestic 'anti-epidemicAs many maternity and child products exhibitions were postponed or even cancelled due to the epidemic in the first half of the year, many companies have lost good brand promotion and market expansion opportunities. Under such circumstances, maternal and child products companies should actively participate in the exhibition in the second half of the year to hope to increase brand awareness and expand diversified sales channels. The well-known CKE China Baby and Children Exhibition is a good choice. CKE China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition brings together all categories, and the first B2B2C model based on B2B. CKE China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition is the world's leading baby products trade platform, positioning 'internationalization, high-quality, omni-channelApparel, maternity clothes, baby furniture and household products, home textiles, strollers, car seats, baby products, safety products, food and other categories. The 2020 CKE China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 21-23. At the same time, CTE China Toy Fair, CPE China Preschool Education Fair and CLE China Authorized Fair will be launched. The four exhibitions are on the same stage, with a scale of 230,000 square meters. It is expected that 2,700 exhibitors, 5,000+ brands, and 100,000 buyers will be present. In addition, unlike other maternal and child exhibitions, CKE China Baby and Child Exhibition is not a pure B2B model, but the first B2B2C model based on B2B. The exhibition will be open to ordinary consumers from 24-25. This model allows brand companies to gain direct contact with end consumers while obtaining orders from professional buyers, enhance the brand's position in the minds of consumers, and realize the transformation of marketing models to new retail. Not only that, the focus of this year's exhibits has shifted to 'non-standard productsWell-known brands at home and abroad are unveiled, bringing together high-quality buyers from all over the world. Because of its high reputation and influence in the domestic and foreign maternal and child industries, the CKE China Baby and Child Fair will gather professional buyers from all over the world every year. The three-day exhibition period of the 2019 CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair attracted 65,082 professional visitors from 133 countries and regions around the world, an increase of 12% year-on-year; among them, 4612 were international visitors, an increase of 12% year-on-year, of which the top ten countries came from And regions include South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Japan, Indonesia, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc. At the same time, the exhibition also gathered many domestic buyers. Among the key buyers of 2019 CKE, agents, distributors and wholesalers at all levels accounted for more than 70%. Most buyers are looking for new products and seeking New supplier. The main reason why CKE China Baby Show is able to attract so many high-quality buyers is that it brings together many well-known brands at home and abroad, and there are many new products for display. The 2019 CKE China Baby and Child Exhibition has Cybex, Rollplay, Happy Dino, Maxi-Cosi, Quinny, Nuna, Joie, Britax, Qtus, Galileo, Jollybaby, Jellycat, Beaba and other well-known overseas brands. There are domestic brands such as Goodbaby, Yingshi, Xinghui, Leading companies such as Lucky Baby, Rikang, Zhilebao, Mommy, Baby Good, and Wheelton appeared. Other exhibitors can also use the Dongfeng of well-known brands to increase their brand exposure and gain more high-quality buyers' favor. Gathering industry high-quality resources, accurately docking and grasping industry trends Since the establishment of CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair, the organizer has gathered industry resources and organized a large number of on-site activities based on rich exhibition experience to provide exhibitors with a professional display platform. The industry trends are released. , Innovative product display, brand self-discipline in China and other activities set industry benchmarks and lead the development of the industry. The organizers of the CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair will provide qualified suppliers of maternal, infant and child products with precise brand promotion and promotion services. Among them, for brands that have made safety commitments, help companies increase their brand influence; launch 'certified supplier' services, companies can gain the trust of global channel buyers through 'quality' certification, and obtain more business opportunities. If the company wants to seize the opportunity of the exhibition in the second half of the year, just search for the keyword 'CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair' on the search engine, log in to the official website of CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair, click 'Exhibition ApplicationIt will be able to complete the application and registration and seize the opportunity in the mother, infant and child market. If you are a buyer and do not want to miss the wave of retaliatory consumption after the epidemic, you can scan the WeChat applet to enter the CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair '365 Cloud Exhibition' to connect with manufacturers, or log on to the CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair official website and click 'Buyers' 'Registration for purchase' or 'visit pre-registration' will regularly receive new product investment information and industry latest developments sent by the organizer.
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