u200bCLE China authorized exhibitor Xinchuanghua authorized director to analyze the way of IP selection

by:Ennas      2021-12-21

Speaking of Riman, I have to mention the Ultraman series of cosmic heroes that have created many generations of childhood. Every boy is almost an Ultraman. In 2004, Shanghai Xinchuanghua Cultural Development Co., Ltd. introduced 'Diga Ultraman' to realize domestic TV broadcasting, and at the same time carry out offline activities and peripheral product authorization, creating a mature model of 'channel broadcasting + brand authorization'. After that, the universe hero Ultraman continued to upgrade and fight monsters and stepped onto the domestic IP stage. The authorization of the various categories of the Ultraman Heroes of the Universe Series of Heroes Soul Exhibition has become popular and has been deeply welcomed by fans. Ultraman x Dicos Shanghai Xinchuanghua Cultural Development Co., Ltd. is the exclusive agent of the Universe Hero Ultraman series IP in China, and the creator of its IP in China. For many years, Xinchuanghua has led the Japanese 'Universal Heroes Ultraman SeriesThe well-known Japanese IPs in China have penetrated into all aspects of Chinese consumers, and every IP operation is a textbook-like case. Hatsune Miku x Xiaomi mobile phones currently have more and more IPs that can be cooperated on the market. Xinchuanghua already has its own mature system on how to judge and select IP. Sun Jian, the general manager of Xinchuanghua, once said that to become a socially influential IP, there should be at least three conditions: 1) the brand is deposited over time; 2) the brand is accepted and loved by the mainstream public, thus generating a certain consumption power; 3 ) The continuity of brand vitality and the possibility of brand re-creation. EVA x Newbalance Xinchuanghua has participated in the 14th CLE China Authorization Exhibition in 2020, and has entered the 365 Cloud Exhibition. China Brand Licensing Elite Academy Online Cloud Classroom, Hong Wanchun, Director of Licensing Division of Shanghai Xinchuanghua Culture Development Co., Ltd., uses her 15 years of international animation IP licensing experience to interpret the secrets of how to choose the right IP. For more details, please contact the organizer, China Toys and Baby Products Association. The '365 Cloud Exhibition' platform has achieved remarkable results, with 2.7 million views and E docking with the China Game Association '365 Cloud Exhibition' platform. At present, 2500+ exhibitors have settled in, including 20,000+ toys and baby products, 1800+IP, At the same time, it has gathered 150,000+ buyers of toys, infants and children’s education supplies, retail chain agencies, educational institutions, commercial real estate, etc., with more than 2,700,000 page views. One-to-one cloud service guides industry companies anytime throughout the year. E docking to help exhibitors and visits achieve better results! Regarding CLE China Licensing Exhibition as a one-stop high-quality platform for global IP commerce, CLE China Licensing Exhibition was organized by China Toys and Baby Products Association since 2007. This year, the 14th CLE China Licensing Exhibition has an exhibition area of u200bu200bover 40,000 square meters. The number of enterprises is 400+, and the number of IPs is 1800+. It provides opportunities for in-depth communication with manufacturers and retailers in various industries for the influential and popular IP authorization projects at home and abroad. The 2020 CLE China Authorized Exhibition, CKE China Baby and Child Exhibition, CTE China Toys Fair, and CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition will be on the same stage at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on October 21-23. The old time, the old place, and the better results. At present, the exhibition application and visit registration system is fully open. Baidu searches for CLE China Authorized Exhibition, logs in to the official website, clicks on companies to grab booths or buyers to register and purchase to participate.
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