U.S. Toys R Us online store products are no longer categorized by men and women

by:Ennas      2021-11-07
China News Service, November 24. According to the 'Wen Wei Po' report, in the face of external pressure, a large US toy store chain Toys R Us has recently cancelled its online store after not classifying its toys as boys or girls two years ago. Store products are categorized by user gender, and the Let Toys Be Toys group welcomes its practice.   Toys R Us met with members of Let Toys Be Toys, who represented many customers in 2013. The latter accused its toys of categorizing their toys according to the user’s gender, preventing girls from accessing science and construction toys, while boys felt that they could not play with dolls.   After the implementation of the new measures, Toys R Us online store products are only classified according to age, brand and type.  Let Toys Be Toys is concerned about the sexism and the impact of toys on children. It has previously complained to the British department store John Lewis that the Lego and Disney toys sold in the store are divided and placed according to the gender of the user.
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