U.S. technology media counts 'the most anticipated high-tech toys of 2014'

by:Ennas      2021-12-03

With the rapid development of science and technology, children's toys have also undergone earth-shaking changes. At the 'ToyFair2014' exhibition held in New York not long ago, we saw the advent of many high-tech children's toys, some of which may even inspire children's aspirations to become engineers. A few days ago, the US technology media has taken stock of the “Seven High-Tech Toys Worth Expecting in 2014” for us. The specific content is as follows: NERFCamECS-12 toy gun NERF is a series of brands of the well-known Hasbro toy company in the United States to launch toys Mainly gun products. Among them, the latest model NERFCamECS-12 toy gun has a built-in digital camera and screen. This design not only helps children aim in gun battles, but can also record videos and take photos at the same time. The digital camera built into the NERFCamECS-12 toy gun has only 300,000 pixels and can shoot video at a frame rate of up to 20fps. Of course, this low-resolution configuration also helps the company further reduce production costs, and the endurance of the game gun has also been improved. In specific use, NERFCamECS-12 will show a crosshair when shooting, but it will automatically disappear when shooting. At present, the product is still in the testing phase, and the official version will be on sale this fall at a price of US$75. MaKeyMaKey circuit board MaKeyMaKey circuit board is a project under development. Its circuit board design is very simple, but it can allow any object to act as a computer input device. The main development purpose of this device is to turn everything connected to the MaKeyMaKey circuit board into a computer touchpad or keyboard. For example, you can turn your own stairs into a piano, bananas into keyboards, plasticine into gamepads, and even your family members into a music synthesizer. It is reported that the principle of the MakeyMakey circuit board is not complicated, but the control line of the keyboard or the arm button is connected with anything the user wants through a copper wire. In principle, any object that can conduct electricity can achieve this function. If it cannot conduct electricity, you can also spray water up to complete the signal transmission. It is reported that the market price of MaKeyMaKey circuit boards will be around US$49. BeamzbyFlo hip-hop star FloRida has always been known for his strong dance floor music, and now the rapper has become the spokesperson of 'BeamzbyFlo'. According to the manufacturer, this product was originally an electronic piano designed for clubs, and users can stretch their hands through the laser beam to play music. All BeamzbyFlo players shipped out of the factory contain several popular songs by Flo-Rida by default, and users can play them simultaneously on the computer or TV screen. Moreover, if users download the dedicated iPhone and iPad applications, users can also create their own unique song mixing effects through BeamzbyFlo's mixing and tuning functions. It is reported that BeamzbyFlo has been widely regarded as a tool for education or music therapy. It has been put into use in 150 schools and hospitals across the United States at a price of US$250. TheOSmartBallJr. and SmartDisk will never get bored with ball toys. Therefore, some foreign manufacturers have launched such an OSmartBall toy that can be built into a smart phone. It is reported that this toy, priced at only $35, can allow children to play games such as dynamic bowling without harming the phone. Moreover, the manufacturer will also launch a SmartDisk priced at $50 in the future, which is mainly designed for tablets. LittleBitsSynthKit for children, music and imagination are two words that are always linked together, and this LittleBitsSynthKit encourages children to build their own musical instruments. Specifically, LittleBitsSynthKit is actually a scalable and easily customizable modular synthesizer system. Anyone who is interested can use it to create their own mini-simulation system. Even without any knowledge of music or electronic circuit design, you can easily assemble a simple music synthesizer or musical instrument. HeroPortal game console If you are looking for a cheap game console suitable for children, HeroPortal game console may become your best choice. It is reported that the host price is only 39 US dollars, and has three appearance designs including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, DC Superheroes and PowerRangers. Moreover, this cheap host has received large financing from several investors. Modular robots Moss and Cubelets A robot manufacturer in Boulder, Colorado has developed the children's robot toy Cubelets. The appearance of the toy has further lowered the threshold for children to assemble household robots. Specifically, they only need to assemble a fixed module and a Bluetooth module to control the robot through a mobile phone, and no programming knowledge is required in this process. At the same time, another robot toy MOSS launched by the company uses different colors to mark the connection interface to help users quickly connect different modules according to their functions. The optional modules of this product include battery pack, rotation, wheel set, Bluetooth connection module and light sensor. Users also only need to connect these modules together to play different tricks through mobile applications.
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