U.S. releases new toy safety regulations, children's toy export companies need to pay attention

by:Ennas      2021-11-10
News from this newspaper (correspondent Zhu Xiaobin) On October 20, the American Society for Testing and Materials astm released the 'Consumer Safety Specification-Toy Safety' toy standard astmf9632016 version, which will become a mandatory standard in mid-2017. It is reported that compared with the current version of astmf963-11, astmf963-16 has added some new requirements, such as the new anti-impact requirements of ride-on toys, clarification of its overload and stability requirements, and related exemption requirements for straps; new button batteries /Coin battery label requirements; increase the temperature and current limit requirements of lithium batteries; add new test requirements for expansion toys; increase magnet soaking and compression tests; increase microbiological safety requirements; clarify the heavy metal test requirements of toy substrates; Revise the kinetic energy requirements of projectile toys; clarify and supplement the relevant requirements for impact testing.  Astmf963 belongs to the United States mandatory toy safety standard. The requirements of astmf963 have been introduced in the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (cpsia). Toys that do not meet astmf936 cannot enter the US market. After the implementation of the new US toy safety directives, it will have a certain impact on exporting children’s toy manufacturers to the United States. Export manufacturers will carry out quality control according to various requirements and increase production and testing costs. At the same time, some toy manufacturers that cannot meet the new regulations will lose US market share.   The Dongyang Office of Jinhua Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminds relevant toy export companies to attach great importance to important information such as the content and effective time of the U.S. update of regulations. Make preparations in advance to respond to changes in product standards, improve production processes and strengthen product quality control capabilities in accordance with changes in laws and regulations, and improve product quality. At the same time, to strengthen the inspection of product data, relevant inspection agencies can be entrusted to inspect existing products in accordance with the requirements of the new regulations, and timely measures will be taken to solve the problems found.  [Editor in charge: yfs001]
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