U.S. and European consumer watchdogs filed a complaint against data collection on smart toys

by:Ennas      2022-01-03
China News Service, December 7th. According to a report by the Central News Agency, the European Union and the US consumer watchdog announced on the 6th that they filed complaints against several smart toys because these toys may monitor their homes and children and violate privacy and data protection. Doubts about the law.  According to groups such as the European Consumer Organization (BEUC) and the US Electronic Data Privacy Center (EPIC), this complaint is filed against smart toys such as MyFriend Cayla, i-QUE smart robots, and Hello Barbie dolls.   Bouvet, a consulting company representing the Norwegian Consumer Council, said that the Internet dolls Cayla and i-QUE are both manufactured by the Los Angeles company Genesis Toys, and they can be connected to users via mobile phones or tablets. Hello Barbie, which is not sold in Europe, can connect to the wireless network.   The Electronic Data Confidentiality Center and other supervisory agencies in the United States stated in the complaint: From the point of view of purpose and design, these toys will record and collect children's private conversations, and collect, use or disclose personal information without restrictions. They said: Toys have doubts about espionage.   They said: In the absence of meaningful data protection standards, these toys are scattered in homes across the United States, exposing children to long-term surveillance environments.   They also said: They pose an urgent and immediate threat to the safety of American children.
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