Type of abstract - — Zhou Pengsheng landscape figurines masterpieces

by:Ennas      2021-09-20
Core tip: on November 16, the Chinese abstract - — Zhou Pengsheng landscape figurines in changsha exhibited Wen Cui art museum, exhibition of modern landscape figurines founder Zhou Pengsheng insist on going on November 16, more than 10 years, the Chinese abstract - — Zhou Pengsheng landscape figurines in changsha exhibited Wen Cui art museum, displayed more than 10 years of modern landscape figurines founder Zhou Pengsheng insisted on going to artistic exploration of the excellent results. From the fine arts, academia, more than 200 people attended the opening ceremony. Zhou Pengsheng landscape figurines exhibition opening ceremony scene according to introducing, the Zhou Pengsheng put forward and the creation of 'landscape small statue' is a kind of with Chinese characteristics, is to create both the traditional historical context, and meets the needs of contemporary social aesthetic new form of figurines. 'We should be more Chinese cities figurine, more to draw creative inspiration from the traditional. 'Zhou Pengsheng said, it is out of such thinking, he began in 1996 with the nature of the tao and the' harmony between man and nature 'of Chinese classical philosophy, adhere to the art of landscape figurines, make its own unique artistic personality figurine art form. Now nearly 200 kinds of original landscape figurine. Throughout Zhou Pengsheng landscape figurines, is both the beauty of the western human figurines and Oriental beauty of landscape plastic wall innovation, is a kind of independent and fusion of Chinese abstract. Display works like nature itself, it interesting, give a person with shimmer artistic feeling. The same small statue, from one perspective, it might be a rolling mountains, winding paths, deep caves; Change an Angle to see, it has become a freaky neck, such as hair, well-developed human body organ. Think China figurine institute, vice President of ChangSunZhenHua evaluation, small Zhou Pengsheng landscape sculpture is home Chinese figurines in creating national language form aspects of figurines results, he created landscape figurines have independent form, is the ancient Chinese landscape figurines in the breakthrough of content and form. Is a kind of Chinese abstract, it is suitable for become a distinctively Chinese landscape art elements, which embodies the modelling of a kind of traditional Chinese culture under the infiltration of Oriental style. The exhibition sponsored by hunan province artists association, provincial figurine institute, small statues writer, ningyuan county people's government of hunan province, Wen Cui gallery, shenzhen figurines, zhuzhou federation, the dragon group, light mountain city liquor, exhibited a total Zhou Pengsheng physical landscape figurine works over 40 more than 30 pieces, figurines, and some of the literature, a comprehensive intuitively shows its artistic career and achievements. The exhibition will last into 22, free and open. Relevant link: Zhou Pengsheng Zhou Pengsheng, hunan NingYuanRen. Figurine institute of hunan province figurines, China figurine association, China figurine professional committee members, national 'city figurines creation design certificate holders. The main works are: landscape figurines series ( About 200 species) , large and small ChengDiao ShunDi, 'screw female', 'I' and 'basalt' '淸 hand-picked a cloud' and so on dozens of. Work in the second, fourth session of China's sports, art, 'yellow day thick soil' small sculpture exhibition, 2004 China · Belgium contemporary sculpture exhibition, the first China 'sophora japonica cup' competition environment figurine, the second and the eighth China art festival carving carving series, and the different small contemporary sculpture exhibition in central China, and the different Chinese contemporary figurines nomination exhibition, show at home and abroad and dozens of times by municipal, provincial and national awards. Many works by domestic and foreign government, art institutions and personal collection.
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