Two-child concept stocks are expected to strengthen again, toy stocks are particularly active

by:Ennas      2021-11-28

The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets rebounded sharply yesterday, with bright spots appearing frequently during the session. Toy concept stocks also won many eyeballs with their outstanding market performance. Specifically, two of the seven related concept stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen rose yesterday. Among them, Qunxing Toys (002575, stocks), Xinghui Car Model (300043, stocks) and other two stocks closed at the daily limit, showing very strong performance. Yao Hongwen, spokesperson of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, introduced the progress of the implementation of the 'two children alone' policy at a regular press conference yesterday. The National Health and Family Planning Commission established a leading group to adjust and improve the reproductive policy to implement the 'two children alone' in accordance with the launch. According to the requirements of the policy filing work plan, the organization audited the filing materials in various places. In the family planning work in 2014, the steady and orderly implementation of the 'two children alone' policy is the focus. It is reported that the three provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Anhui have officially launched the implementation of the 'two children alone' policy, and nine provinces including Shanghai and Jiangsu have passed the filing procedures as required. Specifically, in addition to Qunxing Toys and Xinghui Car Model, which had daily daily limit, the other 5 toy concept stocks are: Huawei shares (002502, shares) (7.37%), Gaole shares (002348, shares) (5.86%) ), Haixin shares (600851, shares) (3.88%), Qixin Stationery (002301, shares) (2.46%), Aofei Animation (002292, shares) (2.41%).   It is worth mentioning that the good market performance of toy stocks has also attracted the attention of major market funds. Specifically, there were 5 toy concept stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks that achieved net inflows of large orders yesterday. They are: Gaole shares (29,853,100 yuan), Qunxing Toys (20,352,500 yuan), Xinghui Car Model (15,340,600 yuan) Yuan), Huawei shares (11,144,100 yuan), Haixin shares (503.8 million yuan). From a performance perspective, as of yesterday, 6 toy companies have disclosed their 2013 annual report performance forecasts, including Aofei Animation (50.00%), Xinghui Car Model (35.00%), Gaole (30.00%), and Hua Four companies including Weiwei Stock (20.00%) and the 2013 annual report performance are expected to be happy. Regarding the good performance of toy concept stocks yesterday, analysts said that on the one hand, benefiting from the positive impact of the “two children alone” in the nine provinces, the two-child concept stocks that have been the focus of attention are expected to strengthen again, while toy stocks are gaining momentum. Children's stocks are particularly active, and there is a greater chance of obtaining excess returns. On the other hand, going to temple fairs, eating snacks, and buying toys has now become an indispensable thing for many families during the Spring Festival. The expected increase in toy sales in the first quarter is expected to help related concept stocks continue to strengthen in the near future.
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