Turkish traditional toys are rising in domestic demand, and wooden and natural materials are being pushed

by:Ennas      2021-11-15
A few years ago, Turkey launched a national toy project-using natural materials such as wood and antibacterial pigments to make traditional Turkish toys...     And as the demand for this kind of toys in the country grows, the toy project has appeared rapidly in the near future. increase.   These toys are produced in a factory in Düzce, northwestern Turkey, which currently has 75 employees working hard to meet the growing demand.   In addition to traditional jigsaw puzzles, children's games and educational toys, this factory also produces adult toys.  Most toys are made of dried solid beech wood panels and boards. All materials used for production comply with EN-71 toy safety standards (standards for toy products in the EU market).   Muharrem Kocaman, the promotion and sales director of the toy factory, said that they use local wood from Duzce.   Now, we make traditional Turkish toys such as nine stones, twelve stones and Mangala (Turkish play chess). The Turks have played Mangala for nearly 4,000 years. It was called a game of princes during the Ottoman Empire.   He said: The toys we make are suitable for anyone aged 7-70.     Kocaman said that plastic toys imported from other countries are not good for health and are very expensive compared to plastic toys made in Turkey.   In addition to promoting wooden toys, this project also helped create local employment opportunities. We hope that our children can play with toys made of natural materials. In terms of their future product production, Kocaman said that they plan to make 3D wooden puzzles and human figures of Turkish **** national characters, such as Avanti, Kelo?lan (fictional characters in Turkish culture) and Sultan Muhammad In this way, the second generation introduces toys that integrate cultural and national values u200bu200bto children.  Keywords: toy industry demand materials
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