Trival sculpture, carving shu xin _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-09
Core clew: carved in the industry, and ivory carving, woodcarving, shou long, stone carving, carving art, the skill of scholars is relatively rare. Guo Fa Cheng is RongCheng lapping all these arts. This industry, in 1998 by his editor in carving and ivory carving, woodcarving, shou long, stone carving, carving art, the skill of scholars is relatively rare. Guo Fa Cheng is RongCheng lapping all these arts. In 1998 by his editor in chief of 'fujian carving art', published in Taiwan since the sensation art scene. 60 s in school professional carving, he now has 35 amounted to the spring and autumn period and the history of professional. From ivory carving introduction to woodcarving craft mature, from start to shou stone carving art a lot of work, every step to success with hard work of the casting. Carving it is very hard work, to think, and it takes energy, can be Guo Fa Cheng said, 'carved up like a fugue, things I forget, just like entering a new artistic conception. 'Guo Fa Cheng works full of cultural charm, the woodcarving novels in classical traditional characters as the theme. The pious covered surface, with natural boxwood root carving bai juyi's famous 'pipa'. The shang fu poetry. The author with deep gimmick. Reproduces beauty 'sprung pious covered face' shy dynamic, god bishop, works by Chinese celebrities show 'excellent award'. Boxwood carving 'humility complacent' a realistic and exaggerated way to shape a maitreya is fond of his daughter, the image of detachment freely, the root neck natural vacancy constitutes the maitreya humility magnanimous of abstract art. Since 1986, Guo Fa Cheng often lead a delegation to Japan to participate in 'the product exhibition', 'dharma', 'wang zhaojun', 'Su Wu sheep' and so on become the hot topic of exhibition. Shou stone both with qiao qiao color effect, and into the wood carving details of technique, wonderful artical excelling nature. Guo Fa Cheng shou stone carvings 'live long and proper' is with a very humble monolithic carved cow eggs. Cow egg stone surface yellow green, with the god books on the carving, to be vividly portrayed, lifelike turtle ( The turtle, provincein combine for the longevity of the content) , the abdomen and back small turtle hugs, live long and proper. The work won the second world bloom with copper cup 'prize in fujian province and fuzhou arts award first prize'. Alpine stone fly doors of the doors of a drunken performance ZuiWo jars, han big sleep. The doors is the literati integrity, although looks ugly, and the heart is not ugly. The author focuses on carving characters facial expressions, the lock shoulders, sleepy eyes, roll become warped beard, high nose bridge, from the facial expression in its sense of justice in the heart of the show incisively and vividly. Guo Fa Cheng, positive character to behave with kindness, beauty and truth technique, it is easy to be accepted and loved. Last year, Guo Fa Cheng 'bag' 'in the second by the works of candidate stone seminar in won the award for' the high-quality goods '. In 1987, Guo Fa Cheng delegation to Macao held 'China's famous stone exhibition', for the first time to macau spread shoushan stone culture. Made a special trip to send 1999 the return of Macao to rongping please Guo Fa Cheng for the return after the first chief executive Edmund ho, seal cutting seal a private Mr Guo Fa Cheng Mr Happy life knife, elaborate carving, to fujian and Australia. Trival sculpture, carving shu xin, sculpture is actually the writing life. Send Cheng speak: sculpture want continuously creative, constantly deny themselves, looking for a new position, his recent works more muddy steady heavy, more rich connotation. Know him say he was lapping of art ', I want to say this is a process, is also said that his character, but said he was 'ready for subtle things, everything again for breakthrough' of the spirit of art. Guo Fa Cheng current fuzhou carving handicraft factory factory director, senior technology artists.
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