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by:Ennas      2021-11-27

Winter vacation and Spring Festival are good seasons for children to have fun. The adults are all wondering how to give gifts to these little ones. The editor found that simple toys seem to be a little pediatric, so why not come to some advanced toys that exercise the development of motor nerves? These toys are very popular on the Internet and in big shopping malls, regardless of gender, for men and women. These toys will not be tired of children quickly, but the more they play, the more interesting they become. Come and take a look. Children's balance bike: riding a happy ride to get a sense of balance. Mother Information: Qi Mom; baby 3 years and 2 months old Brand: Decathlon/Decathlon Price: 299-499rmb   Applicable age: 3 years old and above Function: Let children learn while riding Balance and coordination. The brake specially designed for children is convenient for children's small hands to grasp, and the brake can be completed with a small amount of effort; the height of the handlebar can be quickly adjusted, while the steering angle of the handlebar is restricted to prevent excessive rotation of the handlebar during use and cause a fall; yes The tires specially designed for children are made of special foam material, which is strong, shock-proof and anti-rolling, and light in weight, which is convenient for children to use; the seat cushion can be adjusted quickly and the height can be adjusted at any time; the lowered frame specially designed for children is firm and reliable to ensure The quality is not too heavy; the lowered frame design is convenient for children to get on and off the car; the brake cable is laid out under the frame for convenience and safety; the progressive drum brake: the progressive drum brake is adopted, which is convenient to use and will not cause lock-up .  Recommendation reason for tide moms:    exercises children's leg muscles, so that children can learn balance and coordination during riding and running, and enhance their self-confidence and observation. And there is no potential harm to bones from pedaling on bicycles. The forward speed is about the same as that of an adult walking and jogging. Going out for a ride is a good baby that liberates the mother's hands and happens to exercise together. It is recommended to wear a helmet. Trampoline for children: jumping out of happiness, jumping out of tall, trendy moms Information: sky mom; baby 2 and a half years old Brand: Tianxin Price: 140-300rmb   Applicable age: baby who can walk and weighs less than 20 kg Price range: 150 -200rmb   Function: Allow children to grow taller in jumping and learn to balance. Reasons recommended for mothers: Children jump more to help grow taller, hands and feet can be coordinated exercise during the jump, and the whole body can also be exercised, which can effectively improve the child The ability to balance and coordinate oneself. The trampoline is easy to shrink and small in size, so it can be used both outdoors and indoors. It should be reminded that the armrest is mainly suitable for children with relatively young age and weaker balance ability. It mainly plays a protective role. Generally, younger children play with the configuration of the recommended purchase price armrest.   Trendy products comment: These trendy products are not ordinary toys, they are a collection of sports equipment + tailor-made for children. While playing, they can also greatly benefit their development and growth. Parents can watch their children happily having fun, but they must be supervised by adults to avoid accidents.
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