Treasure of ancient jade: taste carve, Figure) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-09-01
Core tip: although the financial crisis began to 'attack' the auction market, Chinese art has also been a certain influence, but the products still sought after by investors. On November 4, a valuation for 1 while the financial crisis began to 'attack' the auction market, Chinese art has also been a certain influence, but the products still sought after by investors. On November 4, a valuation for 100000 to 150000 pounds of the western han dynasty period of China's yellow jade belt hook ( Left) In London, Christie's autumn sales, after fierce competition, clinch a deal valence achieved 82. 5. 25 million pounds, which to create the world of the han dynasty jade auction record. China's hook in the spring and autumn period, early for copper, the spring and autumn period and the warring states period as may have jade belt hook. Han dynasty jade belt hook found that many of the auction of this hook, han dynasty jade artisan bold use of 'S' shape, show the phoenix bird's dynamic beauty, is carved engraved look, bas-relief and light line Yang wait for a variety of techniques, the combination of the phoenix, beautiful and gentle and lovely performance incisively and vividly, give a person to move feeling, extremely rich artistic appeal. Chen Rentao for businessmen in Shanghai, was born in the last century, the late 1950 s, died in Hong Kong, due to the collection of straight golden 'national treasure', a yue 'golden chamber', since the room is the 'golden'. Launched in 2007 auction at Christie's in Hong Kong in the qing yongzheng 'pastel branches live long and proper bowl' in 5021. 280000 Hong Kong dollars, is a collection of old Hong Kong collectors Chen Rentao. After Chen Rentao, this hook to German collector baron von otterson couple ( 男爵和男爵夫人冯Oertzen) All. Is also a collection from baron von otterson couple, a pair of jade Xi yu-long bai shape (of the warring states period Right) , appraisal 5000 to 7000 pounds, clinch a deal valence is 97250 pounds. Jade Xi originally carry to solution of tools, later became accessories, said a symbol of adult. The jade jade ooze Xi, for flat body dragon, the dragon mouth teeth, lower lip after volume, round eyes, cloud ear, curled horns and hook back, limbs, suspension a leg up in the back, the tail is long, more than hollow out, Yin line score details. As in recent years, the Ming and qing dynasties jade prices rise, many investors are starting to eye to the ancient jade, and more and more to realize its value maintained and appreciation of the role. However, many of the ancient jade has been handed down from ancient times of cultural relics departments at all levels to lock into the 'palace', occasionally through the net, have also been hundreds of thousands of ancient jade taobao into a bag, the result of the shortage of supply of goods is a fake. Counterfeiters general use smoked, baking, burning, boiled, Fried, corrosion, do old ooze color, acid corrosion, etc. As a result of the jade stone itself is 'old', so the leather case alone and wrapped slurry to discern between true and false difficult really, extremely easy to cheat. Throughout the current can clap a sky-high gu yu, whether bas-relief, valuable. such handiwork, or Yin line score, all cut system have to strive for perfection, the 'han eight knife' and shuanggou grinding method ( Also called 'swim silk wool diao') Now it is difficult to imitate. From the perspective of auction market in recent years, special famous jade carving auction appeared in succession, one of the ancient jade is spread orderly, this also created the taobao good chance for the investors. ( Chinese newspapers picked from the French author: the European times Yuan Fei)
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