Traditional paper toy model live role-playing game product

by:Ennas      2021-12-15

The official website of the German Red Dot Award used a black and white photo when introducing the 2014 Red Dot Communication Design Award. This is the work of Hangzhou native Chen Yuchen. He said that the idea of u200bu200b'semi' is to act as someone. The reporter saw that the person in the photo was wearing black clothes with a horse-head polygonal headgear on his head. Sheep headgear and rhinoceros headgear were also placed next to him. Looking sad and lonely, he seemed to be playing a lonely horse, waiting for his late friends. That headgear is Chen Yuchen's semi. This thing, which is defined as a 'live-action role-playing game product' in Chen Yuchen's design introduction, is actually a paper model, the most traditional toy. We played this in the kindergarten-cut out the pattern with scissors, fold it up by the dashed solid line, and paste it up. The pattern becomes a three-dimensional gadget in your hands. 'Players can cut, fold, and glue the corners of the cardboard to make an animal mask headgear with a'polygonal style.' The original state of the headgear is cardboard printed with cutting lines. The finished work can be used as art. Hang the ornaments. ''semi' is an English affix, meaning 'half'. Chen Yuchen said that this is a semi-finished product. He only made 'half' of the design, which is a paper model of animal headgear, while the other half of the design requires players to complete. Chen Yuchen is a native of Jiaxing. He graduated this year from Zhejiang University City College, majoring in visual communication. His design works have a concept of allowing users to participate in the design. 'I hope to understand and in-depth different aspects of design, so as to realize some cross-border design and the possibility of breaking through tradition, rather than just staying in the field of graphic design.' Chen Yuchen said. According to 'Qianjiang Evening News'
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