Toys R Us China: Remain optimistic about the future performance of the Chinese market

by:Ennas      2022-01-17
Affected by the epidemic, Nicholas Green, Managing Director of Toys R Us China, stated that Toys R Us has resumed 100% online and offline operations. We are optimistic about the performance of the Chinese market in the next few months of 2020. . Nicholas Green, Managing Director of Toys R Us China, in the past four months, Toys R Us China has successfully overcome the various challenges caused by the new crown epidemic by focusing on the needs of employees and consumers. Always adhere to the coordinated development of online + offline OMO business is also a key factor for Toys R Us to successfully fight the epidemic. Zhugemin said: After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, we have taken positive measures and effective measures in time to transform the unfavorable factors generated by the market in difficult times. With the joint efforts and close cooperation with major global and local suppliers and partners, as early as the end of March this year, our supply chain in China has fully returned to normal, and we are also seeing positive signs of market recovery. With our existing infrastructure and service capabilities, we are able to hedge and make up for the loss of offline store traffic through double-digit growth in online platforms, so as to meet our overall expectations in the current environment. Zhugemin said: As we further accelerate the development of online business and the arrival of a rebound in consumption during the post-epidemic period, we still maintain confidence in the Chinese market. China’s toy market has a significant growth in demand and huge consumption potential, and it has always been a key market for Toys R Us in Asia. Toys R Us's high-quality, diverse and specialized toy products are trusted and recognized by more and more consumers in China, which has helped Toys R Us to maintain double-digit performance in recent years. increase. Zhugemin predicts that Children's Day will become an important opportunity for Toys R Us. According to his introduction, on June 1st this year, Toys R Us China is ready to bring surprises and joy to families across the country. Through more than 210 offline stores and online platforms, it will provide local consumers with the widest range of trustworthy products. Of local and international toy brands. As China is gradually emerging from the challenges faced in the past few months, this year's Children's Day is even more special. We will create precious memories for everyone, Zhugemin said. During Children’s Day this year (May 19 to June 22), Toys R Us China will simultaneously launch a toy carnival in more than 210 stores in 63 cities across the country. Through online and offline experience + interactive mode, popular IP toys such as Bruker blocks, Ultraman toys, and exciting and value-for-money promotions. During the Children's Day, Toys R Us launched various product promotion and discount activities on Tmall, official website, WeChat, Douyin and other platforms, and created a toy carnival for children with super-giant gifts, such as: self Starting May 19, Star Card members can enjoy full discounts and exclusive benefits. Consumers can click on Dianping/Meituan to receive a 200 yuan coupon package, and the WeChat mini program to obtain coupons for Aofei, Mattel and Bangbao. In March of this year, Toys R Us China entered the Douyin platform and opened a Blue V Douyin account. Toys R Us China is committed to providing Chinese consumers with a more innovative and high-quality online consumer entertainment experience. This form of interaction and landing allows parents to take their children to shop on the cloud to pick toys and play with toys. In response to this June 1st Toy Carnival, Toys R Us has also launched a series of product promotion activities on Douyin, in order to bring local consumers a more overjoyed interaction and shopping experience through this innovative method. Toys R Us China: Remain optimistic about the performance of the Chinese market in the future The authors present more and more excellent toy products and services online to ignite and inspire children’s imagination and to enhance the parent-child experience of Chinese families in an all-round way. While committed to developing on the cloud, offline physical stores are still an important part of Toys R Us. Zhugemin said that physical stores provide more experience and delivery channels for online, and at the same time, online provides accurate passenger flow for offline stores. Online and offline are complementary. At present, we have more than 210 lines in China. Go to the store, and is committed to bringing a more unique store experience to local consumers by creating new retail and immersive features. During the May 1st Labor Day, Toys R Us sold a new series of MEGA BLOKSTM products in stores nationwide, and obtained the exclusive sales right of MEGA BLOKSTM First Builders in China. In this regard, Zhugemin said that Meigao is a world-renowned building block brand. This time Toys R Us has obtained the exclusive sales rights of Meigao Enlightenment series in the Chinese market, hoping to rely on Toys R Us’s strong domestic retail store network , So that more Chinese consumers have the opportunity to buy and experience the excellent product quality and rich educational meaning of Meigao. The preferences of Chinese consumers have changed due to the impact of the epidemic. For example, they are more accustomed to online channel interactions and are increasingly inclined to high-quality and high-safety toy products. Zhugemin said that Toys R Us always pays attention to consumption trends in the local market and is committed to providing local consumers with safer, high-quality and innovative products and services.
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