Toys may also exceed the standard formaldehyde. Building blocks and plush toys should be paid attention to.

by:Ennas      2022-02-01
Everyone knows the hazards of formaldehyde. Sometimes the damage caused is irreversible, so parents are more demanding in this regard when choosing toys. Building blocks are a place where excessive formaldehyde is more likely to occur. If the formaldehyde of the building block toy exceeds the standard, it is more serious. 1. Building block toys Wooden toys are typically represented by building blocks. Bao Mabao dads may think that building blocks are just a piece of wood. How harmful is it? This is really hard to say. There are many kinds of materials for building block toys, including solid wood, pine wood, Hexiang board, density board, etc. The adhesive contained in wood-based panels can release formaldehyde for a long time, even if it is solid wood, the general surface There will also be coatings such as paints and pigments, and formaldehyde may also be released. The excessive formaldehyde of wooden building blocks is caused by adhesives or paint coatings. What is the reason for the excessive formaldehyde of plastic building blocks? Many plastic products use formaldehyde in the synthesis process, which is used as a solvent, rubber curing agent, redox agent, etc. When plastic products are exposed to thermal shock, strong ultraviolet rays, high humidity, or react with other substances, they may decompose. harmful gas. Or plastic building blocks use waste plastics and low-quality adhesives in the manufacturing process, which are more likely to release formaldehyde. 2. Plush toys Plush toys are very popular among children. There are not many plush toys in any kid's house. But what parents don't know is that some plush toys contain formaldehyde in fabrics, hairs, and fillings. In order to achieve the effects of anti-wrinkle, shrink-proof, flame retardant, etc., or to maintain the durability of printing and dyeing, it is necessary to add formaldehyde to the finishing agent, fixing agent, waterproofing agent, softening agent, adhesive and other auxiliary agents. The materials of plush toys containing these additives may cause the release of formaldehyde. How do moms deal with formaldehyde in toys? First of all, when buying toys, you must choose a regular business, brand, and environmentally friendly toys. Secondly, formaldehyde is easily soluble in water, plush toys can be washed with water several times before use to reduce the formaldehyde content. Finally, the harder to deal with are wooden toys. One is because the formaldehyde content may be high and the pollution is heavy, and the second is that the wood cannot be washed in water, which will affect the shape and quality of the toy. It is recommended to use the formaldehyde self-test box to detect the concentration of formaldehyde after purchase. If the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, it can be treated with a wooden boy formaldehyde scavenger. The formaldehyde scavenger applied to wood-based furniture can effectively remove the formaldehyde hazard of wooden toys. Not only building blocks, plush toys and other children's toys, but also the color wall paint and children's furniture in the children's room are also sources of formaldehyde pollution. For the health of the children, it must be tested and treated.
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