Toys mark the key content of foreign technical trade measures

by:Ennas      2021-12-13

Recently, when the staff of Shandong Qingdao Inspection and Quarantine Bureau inspected a batch of plush toys exported to the United States, they found that the age group and safety labels on the toy labels were only in Japanese. It is understood that the batch of goods was originally planned to be exported to Japan, and the customer changed the export destination country to the United States after the production of the goods. The company did not adjust the content of the label in time, causing the label of the batch of goods to not comply with the 'American Standard Consumer Safety Regulations: 'Toy Safety' requirements. According to relevant regulations, the staff of Qingdao Bureau require companies to replace qualified labels before exporting.   Toy labeling is not only the focus of foreign technical trade measures, but also an indispensable inspection item for product testing. Under normal circumstances, toy logos consist of two parts: a cloth label that is permanently sewn on the toy and a detachable paper label. Different countries and regions have different requirements for the content and form of toy labeling. For example, the United States requires that it be circulated on the market. Children’s toys should be marked with durable brand names and addresses, and the age group, safety signs, special toy signs and instructions for use for the toy should also be marked, and all signs should be clear and easy to read.   If this batch of goods is exported to the United States without rectification, it is likely that the product cannot be sold and used in the US market because the label content is not easy to read. In severe cases, product notification, return or recall may be triggered. Here, Qingdao Bureau reminds export toy companies: they should fully grasp the requirements of foreign toy technical regulations and standards, and when the final destination country of the product changes, they should promptly replace the toy logo that meets the requirements of the destination country's standards to ensure that the exported products fully comply with the exporting country. The requirements of the standards and regulations to avoid unnecessary losses due to small losses.
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