Toys have become a 'killer' for kidnapping and kidnapping children

by:Ennas      2021-11-26

In recent years, cases of children being abducted and trafficked have not occurred frequently. It is now during the winter vacation, and the safety of children has once again sounded the alarm. The British TV station once conducted an experiment, and it took only 33 seconds to trick a child away. Are children so easy to be deceived? With this question, the reporter and intern Bai Xiaoju walked into a kindergarten in Nanchang, and conducted an 'abduction experiment' targeting children aged 2 to 6 to see how the kindergarten children deal with the role of reporters and interns. 'Bad Aunty'. Scene 1 Two plush toys abduct a large number of children. In order to do this 'abduction experiment,' the reporter communicated with the teacher and the principal in advance, and selected children of all ages in the large, middle and small classes of the park. In order to let the children relax their vigilance, the experiment is set at the children's free time. The teacher will bring randomly selected children to the other side of the playground to play, and tell the friends that the teacher has something to leave now and will come back to play games with them. , And told them not to run around. Then, the 'bad aunt' came out. The first batch of testers were 10 children from the kindergarten class. They were about 5 and a half years old. The 'bad aunt' played by the intern Bai Xiaoju brought two soft toys to the children. Before she could speak, many children gathered around and focused on the two soft toys. 'I want to play with this.' A child couldn't help but Bai Xiaoju gave the plush toy to the child to play with. Seeing this kid got a plush toy, other children rushed to play. When Bai Xiaoju told the children that they only brought these two, and whoever wanted them could only go to the car at the door to pick them up, the children didn't think much about it. In less than a minute, all 10 big class children were 'abducted' by Bai Xiaoju. When the reporter asked the children why they followed this aunt, the children simply thought that 'this aunt doesn't look like a bad person at all' and 'she has a lot of toys.' Scene 2 The children repeatedly asked questions. After the 'bad aunt' almost fought off the big class children, Bai Xiaoju targeted the children in the small class around 3 years old. 'Bad Aunt' Bai Xiaoju still used the same method to seduce the children with toys this time, but the effect was not ideal, and there were not many children who were impressed. In the end, she resorted to the 'killer feature'-the tablet computer. The effect was really different. Some children who were not touched by toys showed great interest in the tablet computer. Bai Xiaoju thought they could take these children away. However, the children's reaction surprised the reporter and Bai Xiaoju. The children 'hearted but did not act' and hardly took the doll and the computer. At most, they only touched and retracted their little hands. He even emphasized, 'I also have a lot of toys at home, and my mother will buy them for me.' 'I also have tablets at home, I don't want yours.'
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