Toys for the elderly in first- and second-tier cities have gradually opened up the market

by:Ennas      2021-11-30

March is coming, students start school and adults go to work. Young people all set foot on the way away from home one after another, and there was only loneliness left in the original lively home. Old people understand the hardship of their children, and their children also understand the loneliness of their parents, so they have the idea of u200bu200bbuying toys for the elderly. According to Master Han, a citizen who is engaged in e-commerce, “Recently, toys for the elderly have become popular on the Internet. I look good. I want to buy a set of toys for my parents to pass the time. But I traveled all over the streets and supermarkets. I found that there are really few toys suitable for the elderly.” As we all know, “toys” are generally considered to be an auxiliary tool for children to develop their intelligence. Many people think that toys are children's patents, but they are not. According to a survey conducted by the editor, the elderly also have a demand for toys, and there is still a lot of demand in this area for the market. There are toy stalls for the elderly in Yuhua Commodity City, Baoding City. Citizen Master Han said: 'My parents have been retired for many years. When they were in good health, they could often participate in some cultural and sports activities, such as going out for fitness and playing table tennis. But now as they grow older, their hands and feet are inconvenient and go out for activities. There are also fewer and fewer people staying at home with nothing to do. Although there are children to push their knees during holidays, there is almost loneliness left besides doing housework.” The editor learned from the information collected on the Internet that most of them are now on the market. Children’s toys are still the majority, and all kinds of toys suitable for children aged 1-12 account for more than 90% of the market. However, there are not many toys for the elderly. Many manufacturers place the consumption standards for the elderly on health care equipment such as waist twisters and massage equipment. There are few entertainment and educational toys, even traditional elderly chess, military flags, and kites. Toys such as, diabolo and spinning top are rare. Relevant experts said that toys for the elderly in first- and second-tier cities have gradually opened up the market and attracted some groups, which is highly recognized. The elderly can play with more interesting, intellectual and challenging toys, such as puzzles and Rubik's Cubes, which seem simple but require a lot of effort to explore. Old-age toys can not only exercise brain power, prevent dementia, but also activate joints, exercise finger flexibility, promote blood circulation throughout the body, promote brain blood return, and carry out aerobic metabolism. This can not only promote the development of the toy industry, but also keep the elderly away from loneliness. What is important is that those friends who cannot always accompany the elderly at home, giving them toys is also a manifestation of filial piety for the younger generation.
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