Toys 'compulsory course' to help babies grow up healthily

by:Ennas      2021-12-09

Playing is a daily 'compulsory course' for your baby. What is your baby playing? There are a dazzling array of toys on the market, which ones are suitable for your own baby? At different stages of growth, the toys your baby needs should also be different.   ringing ring, whistling stick: suitable for babies from 2 to 4 months old. The eyes of newborn babies like to focus their gaze on one object, so babies within 4 months of age should choose toys with bright colors, larger volumes, and musical sounds to promote visual and auditory development. For example, hanging simple and bright balloons on a child's bed or in a trolley is conducive to the child's visual development. But it should be noted that the position should be changed frequently to avoid squint and head deviation.   Building blocks, cloth books: babies over 6 months old. The baby's various movements begin to appear intentional, and he can sit independently and crawl freely. The movement of the body expands the baby's exploration range. At this time, you can choose a variety of drag toys, musical drawstrings, hammer drums, building blocks, etc. for your baby. Cloth books are a good choice. It should be noted that try to choose larger brand and larger building block toys, not those with smaller particles, so as to prevent the baby from swallowing by mistake.   Ball: Suitable for babies over 7 months old. At this point, the child can sit up and reach for things or crawl on the bed. At this time, you should choose simple, interesting, and durable toys, and add some sports toys, such as small balls. In addition, toy pianos and nesting toys can also meet the baby's playing needs at this stage. When playing the ball, parents can interact with the baby, which can exercise the baby's hand-eye coordination.   Plasticine, paint brushes, and animal toys that are dragged away: suitable for babies over 1 year old. Children of this age like to throw things the most. They should choose activity toys that are inspiring and can be grasped by their hands, preferably ones that are not easy to break. You can also do graffiti, draw creatively, and knead the plasticine at will, but when choosing plasticine, try to choose the one that is tasteless and non-sticky, especially the edible one. After playing, urge your baby to wash his hands.   wear beads, toy car: suitable for babies over 2 years old. The 2-year-old baby has already walked very steadily. At this stage, the baby needs a learning environment, and they are beginning to be interested in playing with some intellectual toys. At this time, beading and toy cars are very suitable, letters, words, and writing boards are also suitable, and logical reasoning toys have also begun to arouse the baby's interest. However, it should be noted that loose parts on toys, loose eyes and noses on soft toys, buttons dropped from toys, wheels on cars, etc., these small parts may cause suffocation. Parents must Take care of it.   Tricycle, roller skates: suitable for babies over 3 years old. After 3 years old, the baby can walk freely, and intellectual toys are still necessary. In addition, it is also important to exercise the baby’s sports ability. Sports toys such as tricycles, roller skates, various ball toys, rope sets, Cars, etc. are suitable for babies. At this time, toys have begun to show gender differences. Female babies are more inclined to play house games, while male babies like toy cars.   It is worth noting that too many toys for a baby is not necessarily a good thing: too many toys are not conducive to developing the baby's good habit of frugality or cherishing all items, and it will also affect the child's attention. Toys are few and refined, but they can inspire babies to constantly explore and invent different ways of playing. Therefore, it is recommended that parents prepare more toys for the baby with more play methods and creative space.
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