Toys and baby products companies expand their export markets, choose the right exhibition, and make more preparations

by:Ennas      2021-12-06

In recent years, China's new export regulations for toys and baby products have been continuously upgraded, and the threshold for export sales has gradually increased, and the cost of enterprises to expand into the international market has become higher and higher. As one of the most effective channels for market expansion, exhibitions have contributed greatly to the order volume. However, due to lack of experience and high costs, overseas international exhibitions have discouraged many small and medium-sized enterprises. In fact, as the trend of internationalization is becoming more and more obvious today, it is a wise choice to choose an international exhibition at your doorstep. As a two-way international trade platform, China Toy Fair and China Baby u0026 Children Fair (referred to as Shanghai Fair) have helped thousands of Chinese companies successfully expand the global market in the past 13 years. However, it is regrettable that due to the fact that the Shanghai Expo is held in the mainland, the scale is rapidly expanding, and international buyers have given priority to companies that have been initially aware of the exhibition, some exhibitors still mistakenly believe that the Shanghai Expo is only a domestic sales exhibition, although there is foreign trade business. However, the export products were not displayed on the spot, and no foreign sales personnel were arranged for docking. I could only look at the overseas orders one by one and regret it. A wide range of sources + more professional + high quality, with distinctive characteristics of international buyers. Overseas buyers who visit Shanghai Expo every year are all over the world. Among them, the number of buyers from Asia, North America, and Western Europe ranks among the top three, and emerging markets such as Australia, Russia, Eastern Europe, and South America The growth rate of buyers in the region exceeded 30% in 2013. It is worth mentioning that none of the large international supermarket chain giants, toy monopoly giants, shopping malls and top online channel providers are absent. Compared with similar export exhibitions, the international buyers of Shanghai Exhibition are more professional, and they all come from a long distance with a clear purchase intention; the strength of buyers is the maturity of the sales network and the influence spreads more widely, and the business covers mainstream channels in the country. Even other countries; their sensitivity to product prices is relatively low, and their pursuit of product design, function and other quality is even better. At present, more and more high-quality suppliers such as Yinhui, Bangbao, Huawei, Qiaoqiao, Aoguang, etc. are paying more and more attention to developing overseas merchants at the exhibition and making sufficient marketing preparations in advance. Each session has benefited a lot. Personalized recommendation + 365 days of uninterrupted, foreign trade matching service excellence The Shanghai exhibition's foreign trade characteristics are widely recognized by the industry, and it is inseparable from its excellence in international buyer services and continuous innovation in on-site matching measures. In the past 13 years, Shanghai Club has always adhered to the concept of one-to-one matching and 365 days of uninterrupted service. Before the exhibition, it established a never-ending online exhibition (, and integrated the world's well-known industry chambers of commerce organizations and professional networks. It publishes resources such as media, key exhibitions, over 100,000 databases, and pre-heats the promotion of high-quality exhibitors and special export new products. At the same time, it provides free accommodation for specially invited key international buyers, arranges special personnel to guide on-site visits to exhibitors, and spares no effort to dig into details to ensure buyers The effect of visits and exhibitors' participation. Equipped with export sales specialists + display new products for export, and enjoy millions of foreign trade orders. At present, most of the exhibitors at the Shanghai exhibition said that while expanding domestic sales channels, companies are increasing their efforts to deploy overseas markets and walk on two legs. The Shanghai Exhibition Organizing Committee hereby reminds exhibitors that they should make adequate publicity preparations before the exhibition, use their own channels to promote, and use exhibition resources. Log in to to submit products for export and participate in the EDM e-newsletter to buy. Home promotion; select new products to participate in the 'Export New Products Exhibition Area' recommendation activity; during the exhibition, you should bring new products and related materials for export, and be equipped with export specialists to receive and enjoy the big cake of global orders.
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