Toy Story, build a Chinese dream together

by:Ennas      2021-12-05

The 2014 Guangzhou Science and Technology Week children's event with the theme of 'Toy Story, Building a Chinese Dream' ended successfully. Nearly 30,000 children in the city participated in toy creation competitions and essays, creating a large number of novel, interesting and creative toys. Yesterday, the special results exhibition of the activity week kicked off at the Municipal Children's Activity Center. The exhibition will be open to the general public and children free of charge from the 23rd to the June 2nd. This year’s Science and Technology Week children’s activity focused on toy topics, including an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly toy creativity contest and a popular science essay contest. Nearly 30,000 children from 197 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens across the city participated. Children’s whimsical ideas have catalyzed the creation of new, interesting and creative toy handcrafts. Environmentally friendly creative toys that turn waste into treasure can be seen everywhere at the exhibition: airplane models made of waste wood, plastic and paper, and waste paper. Cheng's 'aircraft carrierIt is understood that the winning works of this event will be donated to the Children's Activity Center of Longju Village in Conghua for free.
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