Toy socialization is the only way

by:Ennas      2021-12-12

MAGFOREMERS, which will soon be re-listed in mainland China, will position itself as a 'social toy'. This toy, which is popular in Europe, America, South Korea and Taiwan, has been tepid in sales and brand recognition in mainland China. The reorganized MAGFORMERS China operation team did not start from the characteristics of the product itself, but chose to give the toy a new concept, trying to create a 'MAGFORMERS' culture. It remains to be seen whether this kind of attempt can make a sudden rise in the market and set off a consumer boom.  Toy socialization is the only way. Generally speaking, toys are mostly the private domain of players. According to the instructions, they build and entertain themselves, and they are more confined to individual spaces and families. The MAGFORMERS China team believes that MAGFORMERS itself can build different shapes and possibilities with the imagination of players, and it is not limited to the limited number of gameplay in the manual. Players have the need to 'share their own gameplay' and 'get inspiration from other players'. This requires building a social platform to link and gather scattered individual players, so as to continuously collide everyone's ideas with new sparks. This is where the real charm of toys lies. Socialization is not only limited to online    If socialization is an inevitable choice for toy development, MAGFORMERS believes that it is not limited to hardware such as social platforms, but should also be reflected in a soft culture. Although social tools and media have developed rapidly in recent years, people seem to have just become 'head-down peopleMAGFORMERS hopes to promote 'real social' through toys. All people can play MAGFORMERS together at parties and families, contribute wisdom, exchange ideas, cooperate closely, and complete a task together. Only in this way can we really get closer to each other and communicate deeply. MAGFORMERS hopes that every parent can spend a little time playing with their children every day; every child can communicate with their parents a little bit more every day; when friends have a party, it is no longer a mobile phone to play with, and companionship is the best gift. Therefore toys themselves have become social media.  Social communication can't just be eyeballing  From the concept of 'real socialIn addition, MAGFORMERS has also set up a special fund to fund players to form a player group and hold offline exchange activities. Parent-child activities and friend activities with different themes are also continuously launched on MAGFORMERS's official website and social platforms.  Sales is not the end of toys but the starting point.   In the face of fierce market competition, toy operators must not only do more in the sales channels, but also think more in the follow-up links. MAGFORMERS China believes that sales are only a starting point. To help players play better, provide a fully functional social platform, establish an active social network, and extend more valuable value-added services are the new directions for the development of the toy industry. MAGFORMERS China has established an online creative mall that integrates sales, interaction, value-added services, and social interaction, and establishes a new standard for the toy industry network platform. An excellent toy will inevitably have counterfeit products and counterfeit goods. MAGFORMERS China also hopes to block bad market behaviors.   MAGFORMERS, which is positioned as a 'thoughtful social toyMAGFORMERS China concluded that this is a kind of 'regression'—returning to the true nature of social life and the true nature of life.
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