Toy shotguns can be easily purchased by kids who can't pull them

by:Ennas      2021-12-11

The tragedy of the 8-year-old boy has occurred, and more potential dangers have not been eliminated. The reporter learned from an investigation yesterday that toy shotguns can be easily bought in some stores and online stores. Toy shotgun children can’t move the reporter entered 'shotgun/shotgun' on Taobao and found that there are more than 300 online stores selling them, most of which are in the price range of 200 yuan. The online store mainly sells toy shotguns, which many merchants call it As a 'mosquito killerAccording to a shopkeeper, the toy shotgun bullets are 'saltHowever, there are also shotgun bullets that are plastic, which is more lethal than salt. The reporter found that although these shotguns are marked as children's toy guns, they have age restrictions in use. Most of them are allowed to be used at the age of 14 and above, and only a few stipulate that they can be used at 6 years old and above. A buyer who bought a toy shotgun for his son told reporters that after he bought it home, he found that his son was too weak to pull the trigger, and the bullet was too powerful to shoot through leaves a few meters away. The simulation shotgun can hit more than 100 meters. In addition to the toy shotguns sold in the online store, the reporter also found that simulation shotguns can also be easily bought on some specialized gun enthusiast websites. The reporter added a fake gun seller through QQ. During the conversation with the reporter, the seller reminded the reporter not to use sensitive words such as 'shotgun' and 'pistolWill not reply. When the reporter said that he wanted to buy a 'stray dog' (ie shotgun), the seller recommended two imported shotguns of 5,000 yuan and 6,800 yuan. Both guns are equipped with 50 No. 12 copper shell shots with a range of 20 to 30 meters. If you need to buy, you must pay a 500 yuan deposit first.
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