'Toy Relay Workshop' will truly implement Lei Feng's voluntary service into the community activities

by:Ennas      2021-11-30

Jiangnan Metropolis Daily reporter Hu Hua reported: 'There are thousands of toys in the'Toy Relay Square', all donated by well-wishers. Children in the community can borrow them with a toy rental card as long as they want to play. Home.' Liu Yunjuan, director of Guangming Community, Pengjiaqiao Street, Donghu District, Nanchang City, told reporters. The 'Toy Relay Workshop' is a microcosm of the in-depth promotion of volunteer service activities in Donghu District of Nanchang City. In recent years, Donghu District of Nanchang City has adopted 'consolidating a foundation, doing a good job in two competitions, improving three mechanisms, and paying attention to four types of groups. 'Strengthen the five major brands and carry out six actions' to truly implement learning from Lei Feng's voluntary service into the community activities. Walking into the 'Toy Relay Workshop' in the Guangming Community, the reporter saw several cabinets neatly placed toys. Liu Yunjuan said that these were only part of them, and some were borrowed by children from the community to go home. 'Since its establishment in 2009, more than a thousand love toys have been received.' Liu Yunjuan said. The original intention of 'Toy Relay Workshop' was to hope that children would donate idle toys at home, so that migrant families and children from poor families could be able to do so. Play with colorful toys. “We manage by issuing toy donation cards and rental cards, and let the children of returning rural migrant workers choose toys at will in the Toy Relay Workshop years ago, and bring them to their hometown children as New Year’s gifts.” Liu Yunjuan said, Toy Shop It is open every Monday to Friday, holidays and winter and summer vacations. Toy donors, communities and surrounding rural impoverished families, and children from outside families can rent toys at the toy shop. On March 2, the reporter learned in an interview that in the district’s Xue Lei Feng volunteer service into the community activities, the children of migrant workers, minors, and empty-nested elderly people, as well as groups with disabilities, and those serving prison sentences The children's group pays great attention, and the volunteers carry out various activities to give care, so that the volunteer service of Lei Feng is closer to the masses and closer to reality.
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