Toy library, so that playing and reading are no longer 'one or the other'

by:Ennas      2021-11-25

The race against time in life and life-and-death work pressure have left more and more parents with little time to accompany their children. We often buy a few toys at the department store and stuff them with the little ones at home to make up for our inner debt to TA. In fact, everyone knows that children need more than toys, but more importantly, the process of playing with them. Modern experience tells us that 'playing' and 'reading' are no longer the relationship of 'either or the other'. The founder of the Toy Library and an outstanding preschool education expert Dr. Penelope Leach once said, “In a stress-free environment where there are adults trusted by children and encouraged by adults to play instead of attending classes, children can learn the most. , And they are the happiest.” Therefore, when a place called 'Toy Library' opened in the Guangzhou Library in Zhujiang New Town on January 1, even if it was low-key, it still attracted widespread attention. On the opening day, many children and parents were deeply impressed by the special event of space travel held by the toy library. The staff first tells you the knowledge of the nine planets and the story of human landing on the moon, and then inspires the children to 'build' their own spacecraft. As a result, there were more than 10 children on the scene, and each of them built a very different spacecraft. Needless to say, this toy library with an area of u200bu200bonly 70 square meters is backed by a professional team. The vast majority of the members are masters graduates majoring in toys and preschool education. At present, there are more than 400 toys in the toy library, which are divided into five categories: role and communication, construction and space, vision and art, science and mathematics, and nature and technology. Most of these toys are 'customized' by a professional team, and there is no sale on the market. In addition, the library has also added professional ultraviolet disinfection equipment to ensure the hygiene of the toys.
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