Toy lessons are popular in elementary school classrooms

by:Ennas      2021-12-14

(Reporter Guo Huiqiao, Intern Ke Min, Correspondent Xiao Li) At 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon, the class bell rang, and the class 6 (2) classmates of Huangpi Street Primary School took out the four-wheel drive, small screwdriver, small hammer, and tip prepared in advance. Nose pliers, began to disassemble and assemble the four-wheel drive toy car.   Starting from the beginning of this fall, the school has tried to offer comprehensive practical courses in grades 3-6, combining science and technology, labor skills and other courses into one course, 3 sessions per week. Among them, the most popular with children is the assembling toy class. 'I like the comprehensive practical course the most. Through this course, I understand the different functions of the parts of the four-wheel drive and how to install it after disassembly. In addition, during the installation process, I am still thinking about whether a part is broken. To replace them.” Six (2) Ban Tang Hao said. 'In the past, science and technology, labor skills, etc. courses were held once a week, each class was 40 minutes. However, when the children started to make it, the time was often not enough. Before finishing the work, get out of class time came.' Huangpi Street Elementary School Principal Liu Sheng introduced that now, after the three courses are combined into a comprehensive practical class, children can have time to complete their own works, 'in the hands-on production, improve the hands-on and brain-powered skills.'
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