'Toy Hospital' Nuggets Toy Professional Repair Market

by:Ennas      2021-12-02

'The price of toys is getting higher and higher, and the functions are becoming more and more complicated. Once damaged, it is a pity to keep them and discard them. How can there be a place to repair toys?' Many people have sighed like this. Near the Bund, there is such a 'toy hospital'Toys are developing towards high-end and intelligent direction, but after-sales service is seriously lagging behind. So far, there has not been a nationwide'three guarantees' regulations. Many toys cannot get the repairs they deserve. Even if they can be repaired, they have to be returned to the factory at their own expense. The time is also relatively long. Toys worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars can easily become'scrap'.' Xu Qi, the 'dean' of the Toy Hospital, said that he originally made toys for sale, and gradually more and more people came to the store to consult and repair. The more, the maintenance begins. The repair cost of most toys is between 10 and 20 yuan, which can be calculated if it encounters 'high difficulty'. At present, about 20 repairs can be done a day on average, and the monthly income is nearly 10,000 yuan. “The repair prices of some brand toys are very high, such as electric cars and remote control cars, but it is better to buy them again.” Xu Qi said that compared with traditional home appliance repair, toy repair also has the advantages of low threshold and high return. In addition, the toy hospital also purchases damaged toys and sells them again after repair. 'One is a regular repeat customer, and the other is to post on 58.com to buy. In fact, many people have a demand for'sale' toys.' Xu Qi said, as long as there are suitable accessories, toy maintenance is relatively simple. According to reports, 'Toy Hospital' has contacted some toy dealers and became their maintenance agents. He is particularly optimistic about the large after-sales market for Nuggets toys.
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