Toy guns are selling hot, most of them are sold in stores near elementary schools

by:Ennas      2021-12-21

Nowadays, many elementary school students like to play with toy guns. Regardless of this small toy gun, it has amazing power. On June 12, Xiaohong (a pseudonym), an 8-year-old girl who lives in Zhifu District, Yantai, was playing with another child. She accidentally injured her eyeballs by a plastic bullet in a toy gun. She was sent to the hospital that night for treatment. Her injury was not optimistic. The reporter recently visited the shops around many schools in Yantai city and found that there are many small shops selling toy guns, and almost none of these products have certificates and manufacturers. A plastic toy gun shot a child’s eye on the afternoon of the 15th. On the afternoon of the 15th, citizen Ms. Wu told reporters that 8-year-old girl Xiaohong was injured in the left eye by a toy gun. As far as she knows, on the evening of the 12th, Xiao Hong and his family and friends were eating out. It may be that during this period, the children of the two families played with toy guns. During the play, Xiao Hong’s left eye was hit by a plastic bullet. , Blood came out of the eyes. The heart of Xiaohong's family raised her throat. They took an urgent taxi to send the child to Yuhuangding Hospital for treatment. After the doctor checked, he informed that Xiaohong's left eye was injured and emergency surgery was performed that night. At present, Xiaohong has been further treated in the field. Ma Lusheng, deputy director of the Department of Ophthalmology of Yuhuangding Hospital, introduced that Xiaohong's injury was a serious corneal laceration and traumatic cataract. Although the plastic bullet was removed after surgery, the intraocular structure has been severely damaged, and the foreign body in the eyeball needs to be removed later. At present, the injured eye only has light vision. Although it cannot be concluded, according to the situation, the situation of the injured eye is not very optimistic, and it is difficult to say whether it can keep the eyeball. According to Dr. Ma Lusheng, every year, the Ophthalmology Department of Yuhuangding Hospital sees many children with ocular trauma. The milder ones are corneal contusions and bleeding in front of the eyes. In severe cases, the eyeballs are ruptured. Among them, toy contusions, especially eye injuries caused by toy guns, are more common. He reminded parents that children must be strictly controlled to play with toy guns with marbles. In addition, some high-pressure water guns are also relatively powerful, and children must be warned not to shoot water at the children's faces. If there is a similar eye injury, the injured eye must be bandaged with cold compress immediately to find out the visual acuity of the injured eye, strictly restrict the children's activities, and go to the eye hospital for examination as soon as possible to clarify the injury. 'Toy gun sales are booming. Most shops near elementary schools sell artificial toy guns that hurt Xiaohong. They are more common in toy stores and small shops near schools. The majority of purchasers are children under ten years old. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter visited the urban area. In the toy shops around the school, many simulated toy guns such as 'pistolsThe gun is sold in an obvious place on the shelf, but as long as you ask the store, it is still in stock. Toy gun accessories include plastic BB bullets, scopes, straps, and some even have infrared scopes. The packaging is printed on the box. Most of them are in English, without the address of the manufacturer, and the phone number of the manufacturer. 'You can buy it with confidence. Many children play with it. This is a child's toy. 'The shopkeeper pointed to the toy guns on the shelf and said that the plastic marbles used in these guns are all of the same model, in bags and bottles, and the price ranges from 0.5 yuan to 5 yuan. When asked about the purpose, the shopkeeper According to the introduction, because this toy gun is equipped with infrared rays, can accurately aim at the target, and can play marbles, students like to play. There are many children who come to buy, some of them are brought by parents. As for whether this product will be good for children Most businesses say that as long as they don’t shoot their eyes directly, there will be no harm. Parents can report this if they find that businesses sell toy guns. The staff of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce said that most of these cheap fake toy guns are 'cottage products.' Most of them come from underground workshops. The workmanship is rough and the safety factor is very low. Once an accident occurs, it is difficult to find the manufacturer to compensate. Parents must take responsibility for supervision, strengthen the safety education of their children, and refuse to buy such simulated toy guns. According to the 'Firearms' The “Administrative Measures” stipulate that the manufacture and sale of imitation guns is prohibited. Once the manufacture and sale of imitation guns is verified, the person in charge and other responsible persons who are directly responsible for the individual or unit shall be warned or detained for less than 15 days, which constitutes a crime. Investigate criminal responsibility in accordance with the law. Public security organs and administrative departments for industry and commerce confiscated their simulated guns in accordance with their respective scope of duties, and may concurrently impose a fine of less than 5 times the manufacturing and sales amount. If the circumstances are serious, the business license shall be revoked by the department of industry and commerce. Relevant departments remind citizens if You can report to the public security and industry and commerce departments if you find that there are businesses selling fake guns.
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