Toy exports maintain rapid growth, domestic brands still need to enhance competitiveness

by:Ennas      2021-11-12
According to data from the forward-looking database, in March 2017, my country’s toy exports amounted to US$1.424 billion, an increase of 47.92% year-on-year in the same month; the cumulative export value of toys from January to March was US$3.871 billion, a cumulative year-on-year increase of 31.8%. The following is the statistics of toy export value since 2016:     Toy export value (100 million U.S. dollars)  Time month value, current month year-on-year (%) Cumulative value cumulative year-on-year (%)   March 2017 14.247.9238.7131.80   February 2017 7.09-4.1424.5624.45 January 2017 17.4841.5617.4841.56  December 2016 21.0365.26183.8617.38  November 2016 17.6346.65163.2413.42  October 201620.8122.99146.3510.95  2016September 24.7424.68126.419.93 19.9132016year .34101.686.87  July 2016 16.393.8281.797.76  June 2016 12.981.1565.418.82  May 2016 11.733.9852.4610.97  2016April11.4015.8440.7713.25 February 2003 7.39-18.6119.74-2.05   January 2016 12.3511.5512.3511.55   Click to generate the chart to download the data. Recently, the United States has updated its mandatory toy safety standards, and the threshold for domestic toys exported to the United States has increased. The American toy compulsory standard ASTM F963-16 'Consumer Safety Specification-Toy Safety' established by the American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM has officially entered into force on April 30, 2017. The certification of toys produced on and after the effective date (children The product certificate) needs to be tested in accordance with the requirements of ASTM F963-16. For Chinese toy export companies, toys that do not meet the requirements of ASTM F963-16 cannot enter the US market.   Although China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of toys, domestic toys have also emerged in multiple channels, but there is still a gap between international brands in terms of accuracy and recognition. Moreover, the brand influence is weak, the independent innovation is lacking, and the product homogeneity is serious. Chinese toy companies need to work hard to improve the brand and the public's awareness of the brand, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of policy barriers.
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