Toy Doll Lego's UK Tour

by:Ennas      2021-11-28

According to foreign media reports, a creative photographer has taken 365 photos a few days ago to record the experience of a Lego doll shooting scenery all over the UK. The ingenious angle makes these photos unique. The name of this doll toy is Lego O'Graf (English homophonic 'Lego Recorder'). In the lens of the owner Andrew White, Lego holds a camera, shoots the London Eye, fights with crabs, witnesses a wedding, Try to set off fireworks and even have to endure the rain in Britain. This series of cute and humorous photos add a special color to the British landscape. Andrew White is a 39-year-old British photographer who puts Lego in his pocket and takes it with him wherever he goes. White said that when Lego is put into the lens, it is like telling Lego's story through the lens, which gives these photos a whole new meaning. Lago, the doll, photographed the London Eye on the banks of the Thames. Lego photographs the iconic red bus in London, England. When traveling in the UK, it is inevitable to experience the baptism of rain. Photographers sometimes get into trouble, like this crab in pursuit. On the way to travel, sneak out and play with fireworks. Lego even served as a wedding photographer. The photographer's method of creating Lego photos. On the sidelines are the children of the couple in the wedding photo.
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