Toy bulldozer and forklift combined robot

by:Ennas      2021-12-25

Netease Technology News on June 30, according to foreign media USA TODAY reports, Cozmo looks very ordinary at first glance, like a combination of a toy bulldozer and a forklift. Cozmo can be said to be the most complex artificial intelligence robot on the market. It is produced by Anki, a San Francisco startup company. Currently, Cozmo's pre-order price is US$179 per unit, and it will be officially launched this fall. On Monday, Anki announced that they received $52.5 million in Series D investment. At present, the company's total venture capital investment is 182.5 million U.S. dollars. Although Cozmo is classified as a toy, it is a breakthrough in the field of robotics. Many technology companies are now developing artificial intelligence robots, such as Google’s AlphaGO and IBM’s Watson, and SoftBank’s welcome robot Pepper. If these robots are high-end products in the field of artificial intelligence, then Cozmo is more approachable. Anki CEO and co-founder Boris Sofman said that they hope to give Cozmo a certain degree of affection and personality. Just like those animated characters that appear in Disney. Sofman demonstrated to reporters how to use Cozmo's small camera to scan and recognize the facial details of different individuals. A small screen in front of it is Cozmo's face, which can convey a series of emotional changes. Users can also play some small games with Cozmo. If users are indifferent to Cozmo's performance, it will be very frustrated or even angry. Many of Cozmo's core developers have worked in animation companies such as Pixar and DreamWorks Animation, so they have added a variety of sound effects to Cozmo. After 5 years of design, 3 years of research and development, and 43 revisions, Cozmo finally came out successfully. Sofman said that Cozmo is the pride of Anki. Cozmo's target customer group is children. Sofman showed reporters a video in which his 22-month-old son was happily playing with the little robot. But Sofman also hopes that robots can attract more adult users, whether they are general consumers or Ru0026D personnel. Sofman said that just as Pixar redefines the audience for watching cartoons, they also hope that Cozmo can change the target consumer group of artificial intelligence robots. The company will later release Cozmo's expansion pack to enrich its emotional and physical skills. Sofman believes that robots are not just human assistants, he also hopes to enhance people's understanding of high-level intelligent robots through entertainment. He even hoped that Cozmo could walk into the campus and help the school complete various teaching activities. When asked whether he was worried about robots surpassing humans, Sofman smiled and said that if you can visit the robot's research and development laboratory, you will find that this worry is completely unnecessary. (Holding text)
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