Toy brand Metropolis Beibei's original business strategy of renting and selling

by:Ennas      2021-12-01

According to the research on my country's children's market by the well-known research and research institution-Sinotrust Research Institute, my country's children's toy industry is still in its infancy. In the environment where the global children’s toy market is growing at a rate of 5%, my country’s local toy industry is clearly lacking in its development momentum. This is mainly manifested in the industry’s single business model, poor product quality, and insufficient playability, which also makes the majority Parents and children are deeply dissatisfied. As an emerging toy brand, City Beibei has spotted the weakness and shortcomings of my country’s toy industry in this regard. It has created an original business strategy of renting and selling, opening up a vast toy wholesale with high-quality product quality and diversified marketing methods. The market brings multiple benefits to the long-term development of enterprises. The so-called integration of lease and sale is a more flexible business model. All products of City Beibei Toys can be rented and retailed, and two plans of purchase and lease are preset for parents. Although the leasing integrated marketing model is only a small change in business strategy, it caters to the consumer philosophy of the Chinese people in toy products to a great extent. For example, many parents find that today's high-end toys are expensive and easy to break, so they will be wasted if they are damaged or if they don't like them.   At the same time, due to the very high rate of discarded toys used by children, how to dispose of these discarded toys has become a problem faced by many families. The toy leasing business provided by City Beibei Toys solves all kinds of problems that parents worry about at one time. Even if the child likes any toy, rent it to him, and it can eliminate the worries after spending little money. There is also an advantage to renting toys. If parents find that their children are particularly interested in a certain toy and always want to play, they can also buy it and let the children play with it.  In this way, it is easier for parents to choose the most playable and most playable products for their children to meet their children's gaming and entertainment needs. City Beibei Toys has greatly expanded the toy market in my country through the integrated sales and rental business model, so that many parents can feel confident and bold in buying and renting favorite toys for their children, which has promoted an unprecedented increase in the consumption power of my country’s toy market. . With the extensive development of urban Beibei toy rental and sales integration, more and more families will have the opportunity to enjoy this kind of good and inexpensive toy experience.
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