Toy Baba PS Taobao

by:Ennas      2021-11-22

Many otaku otaku nowadays use Taobao to get what they need. Taobao has become a regular way of shopping, and Toy Baba is a toy purchasing platform that is carefully built and tailored for toy buyers. I will answer the questions about why Toy Baba is different from Taobao. First of all, most toy buyers mistakenly think that we are manufacturers and sellers. In fact, we are not. Toy Baba is a professional toy purchasing platform that integrates 423 categories, more than 6,000 manufacturers, and nearly 500,000 products. Buyers can directly find the toy products and toy manufacturers they need through a variety of ways. Secondly, the purchaser asked, why doesn't Toy Baba indicate the unit price of the product like Taobao? Because the prices of the manufacturers' products on the toy bus are more flexible, they are determined according to the wholesale quantity of the purchaser, and there is room for negotiation, unlike the small fluctuations in the price of Taobao products. This is more affordable for large wholesale buyers. Furthermore, buyers ask if they can buy products directly from the Toy Baba website? Taobao is a relatively mechanized trading method. I used to shop on Taobao, and often encountered delays in delivery, or product quality issues to apply for return, but the seller did not deal with it and waited a long time before returning the payment to me, which caused a lot of trouble and inconvenience. Toy Baba has opened a 'personalized' third party. Buyers can deposit money on Toy Baba's account first. Toy Baba will remind the seller to ship the goods, and then return the payment to the seller after the buyer confirms the receipt. When there are problems such as product defects, Toy Baba can also help with negotiations, which is very user-friendly. Then, the middle-aged and elderly people who are not familiar with the Internet will prefer the manual service-style shopping of Toy Baba. This trading method is more convenient for them to operate. Finally, everyone knows that Taobao merchants also get profits from shipping. If we shop from different Taobao stores, we will have to pay shipping fees one by one and confirm receipt one by one, which is costly and time-consuming. Purchasing on the Toy Baba website, even if you are shopping from multiple manufacturers, you can directly pay and receive the goods at one time. Toy Baba will help you negotiate with the manufacturer, and deliver the goods at the freight station. After you confirm the receipt of the goods, they will help you to call the manufacturer one by one. Toy Baba has a professional platform, flexible price, financial guarantee, manual service, unified remittance, unified delivery and other advantages, making Toy Baba a mainstream platform for buyers to wholesale toys.
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