Toy Baba has been successfully upgraded, and the function of the website has been further improved

by:Ennas      2021-11-30

On January 29, 2014, Toy Baba launched the public WeChat account. The Toy Baba website was successfully upgraded on March 11, 2014. The new website was modified on the basis of the original website to make the Toy Baba website more complete and complete. To purchase toys and the latest toy modules on the official WeChat official website of Toys Baba, you can directly browse the product information, including the product name and number, and you can browse the product price after the upgrade. The function of increasing the price allows buyers to more intuitively understand the price of the product. Toy Baba website has been successfully upgraded, and the upgrade is mainly reflected in the following points: 1. Toy Baba and Taobao are both in the same way. Click on the product entry on the Toy Baba website to enter the product supplier website. Toy Baba is equivalent to Taobao, and manufacturers are like Taobao stores. 2. At the same time, you can search for other products of our factory by product name and price. 3. Make an offline inquiry and order immediately for the fancy products. 4. Humanized third-party services to ensure that the transaction is foolproof. Buyers can obtain financial protection and manual coordination: the probability of a seller's transaction is increased by 10 times, eliminating dead accounts. 5. Use the 'Manual third-party payment' process of Toy Baba: select the product-confirm the order information-choose the bank account of Toy Baba to pay-receive the goods and inspect the goods satisfactorily-the purchaser authorizes Toy Baba to pay-the transaction is successful . 6. Toy Baba has added today's attention column to focus on new products every day. Reminder: The old version of instant messaging is disabled, please download the new version of instant messaging.
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