Toy Baba ends perfectly at the 2016 Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair

by:Ennas      2021-12-24

The first toy event of the New Year-the 42nd Hong Kong Toys u0026 Games Fair, Toy Baba's exhibition (Booth CH-D18) was successfully concluded. It is understood that this exhibition attracted a total of 2,800 exhibitors, an increase of 3.6% from last year, but the overall flow of buyers at the Hong Kong exhibition was worse than in previous years, and the toy Baba booth buyers continued to flow. The owner of the Toy Baba member manufacturer said: 'The overall flow of buyers at the Hong Kong Fair is worse than in previous years, but Toy Baba always has a way!' Toy Baba Books attracted many domestic and foreign buyers to read, and buyers even exchanged business cards for 2016 'Toy Baba Member Selection' and expressed the hope to cooperate with toy Baba member manufacturers. Buyers came to ask for books and magazines in an endless stream. Toy Baba staff introduced and explained the contents of the books and magazines, presented the 2016 'Toy Baba Members' Selection' to the buyers, and provided special toy baba bags. Their service was highly appreciated. Toy Baba’s sincere service attitude and meticulous professionalism have greatly strengthened the promotion of the manufacturer’s products. Zhenda Toys Factory specially went to Hong Kong to entrust Toy Baba to distribute product leaflets for it one day before the exhibition. The service area of u200bu200bthe staff of Toy Baba has spread to all parts of the exhibition hall, actively stepping forward to welcome buyers and distributing books and periodicals. The Hong Kong staff facing our booth were impressed by our professionalism and offered us free afternoon tea, egg tarts and milk tea. In this exhibition, Toy Baba signed a contract with a partner, obtained business cards from many buyers, and distributed more than tens of thousands of books, magazines and bags, and the exhibition ended successfully.
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