Touch the Picasso ceramic art world _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-10-22
Core tip: Picasso's art porcelain face. Mention of Picasso, people will naturally think of the art master of painting and small sculptures, however, not long ago in Beijing Cervantes institute of Picasso's art porcelain face. Mention Picasso, people will naturally think of the small art master of painting and sculpture, however, recently held in Beijing Cervantes institute 'Picasso ceramic material of poetry, art exhibition', the master of ceramic art makes visitors find everything new and fresh. In the summer of 1946, 65 - year - old Picasso with lovers rees seaside town the warrens to France for our holidays. In a manual ceramics studio, he discovered the hidden charm of ceramic art in the clay, water and fire, and requirements, head of the studio as he cleared a space, began to ceramic art creation. In return, he allowed studio sell replica of his ceramic art works. Until his death in 1973, Picasso, a total of more than 2000 pieces of pottery preserved the real thing. Picasso in ceramic art creation, fully demonstrated his artistic genius. Ordinary porcelain, pottery through his hands, then attached to the fantastical imagination and the passion of fire, handicrafts also upgraded to art. 28 Picasso ceramic art works for this exhibition, sending out the master straightforward stiffness, extremely rich change and full of childish artistic temperament, carrying the nature of the soil fragrance, get the ioc honorary President Juan Antonio samaranch, etc are highly appreciated. Initially, Picasso is in the ready-made dishes or painting POTS. On the big plate of Mediterranean flavor, facebook, bullfighting, natural scenery, such as animal theme repeatedly appeared. His cubist painting style to get perfect embodiment, the person's facial features to reschedule, at the same time present the face of positive and multiple profiles. I've seen dozens of bull he portrayed scenes of black and white picture, heavy forms don't like, brushwork XiongJin vigorous and penetrating. Picasso once said, 'if I was born a Chinese, may not be a painter, and will become a calligrapher, like painting and writing. 'Between different countries and different areas of the art has such incredible similarities. Later, Picasso from on ceramic surface paint to paint on the three-dimensional objects, and try to make your own ceramic. His bottlenecks in the jar, put his hand, and even can make some changes, show the image of art as a whole. The jar jar only made a simple modification, so that the container body with a small jar with proportion. Big pot filled with milk, accidentally spill out, some flow in the small pot. The woman face is obviously with the body of concave and convex behave feminine facial lines, has a broad forehead, tighten full cheeks and chin. On the back of the hand is high over her braids, and with a beautiful bow. Exhibition hall at the door of the owl, the works of the most prominent place is Picasso painting, sculpture and ceramic art combined new ceramic production, the whole pot looks like an owl statue, flat nose, eyes, round after hip, protruding belly and wing. Picasso has proficient in fire ceramic technology, are free to use your imagination, with the gouge, small knife, knives, roller, wire and other tools to make any mud embryo shape, want to change the color of glaze at the same time, in order to achieve the ideal artistic effect. Strong curiosity made Picasso lifetime are exploring new areas of artistic style and creativity. As curator dolo ms Liz pointed out: 'Picasso is not professional in ceramic production, but he put his exquisite artistic skill in the shape of ceramic and beautification, like in other ways, Picasso's enthusiasm to determine his style, once again led to his artistic creation, thus to create a large number of successful and interesting work. ”
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