Tokyo, Japan has launched a cafe that only accepts plush toys, and humans are forbidden to enter!

by:Ennas      2021-11-05
Core tip: There are comfortable sofas, gorgeous desserts, delicious drinks and the warm smiles of the employees. However, it refuses to accept any human customers even in the weird cafes in Japan (such as maid cafes, etc.), Tokyo The Yawarakan's Cafe that just opened is also very strange. There are comfortable sofas, gorgeous desserts, delicious drinks and the warm smiles of the employees. However, it refuses to accept any human customers, because it is a place dedicated to receiving plush toys.     The dolls enjoy dessert after a meal   Well, this sounds like a prank-who wants to spend money to prepare real food for a bunch of toys? But you are wrong. This is true in Japan, and obviously business is very good. Let's listen to what the master Yawarakan Karei said.   Surging: Everyone who hears this cafe will worry about whether it will have business.  Yawarakan Karei: So far, the business is pretty good. The booking is now until October 27th. We will have a special Halloween night on that day. Surging: Where did the idea of u200bu200bopening this cafe come from?    Yawarakan Karei: Most Japanese girls have at least one soft toy of their own, and many people put various toys on their beds to accompany themselves or decorate their beds. , Treat them like a real partner. If girls regard plush toys as living friends, why can't they take them to a cafe to entertain them? This is a brand new market and I want to try it.       surging: I am curious about how these plush toys will be treated in a cafe.   Yawarakan Karei: We accept home delivery and postal services, and reservations must be made at least one day in advance. Once they arrive, our host Hebi-chan will serve fresh berry smoothies, and I will make lunch for them myself-usually omelet rice, with the doll's name written on the egg skin! At the same time as the omelet rice What was delivered was coffee ground by monkey waiter Saru Hasegawa, made from half Peruvian coffee beans and half Tasmanian coffee beans. **The dessert is followed by a pile of pancakes filled with maple syrup.   After the guests have finished their lunch, they sit in a circle, listen to my ghost stories, or play cards with the employees. The basic package also includes a one-night stay, where they will sleep on a soft bed with bedtime stories. The next day we will pack the dolls and send them back to their owners.   Surging: No offense, but how do the owners know that the dolls are indeed being treated in the store?    Yawarakan Karei: As the dolls were sent back, there were some travel souvenirs. Including a photo album describing their happy time in the store, and there are also photos and videos available for download on the cafe’s website. In addition, we also included roller coaster toys and homemade candies as souvenirs so that they can be sent as souvenirs when they return to the owner. Lunch is a special omelet rice, and the name of the doll is written on the egg skin. The welcome drink is a berry smoothie that will be beautiful after drinking: How much does this trip cost?    Yawarakan Karei: The cost of the basic set meal is 4968 Yen (approximately 255 yuan), if there are some special festivals, the price will increase accordingly, but not too much.  ** By the way, Yawarakan's Cafe is not actually the first shop to provide services for plush toys. As early as 2011, Tokyo established a travel agency called Unagi, which specializes in bringing plush toys to travel. Toy owners can send their plush toys to a travel agency. The latter will take these furry children to spend a hot spring vacation worth more than 300 RMB. They will even record the memorable events of the trip through videos and photos. A moment. It is said that so far, the travel agency has received more than 600 customers.
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