To the world through a small statue of spirit

by:Ennas      2020-05-30
Core tip: the graph to wu ping shan district secretary of the party working Yang Xusong Luo Liejie introduce exhibition, shenzhen federation chairman. 'Nature and humanity - — Lao zi ', 'astronomers - — Lu xun '' refugees' Lord here to wu ping shan district secretary of the party working Yang Xusong Luo Liejie introduce exhibition, shenzhen federation chairman. 'Nature and humanity - — Lao zi ', 'astronomers - — Lu xun '' refugees' Lord diao 'is leading the' shenzhen commercial daily reporter 潘咏, he created the modern Chinese style of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting figurines, his work is a blend of western realism and Chinese traditional freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting techniques, the unspeakable 'between like and don't like', showing the depth of human spirit, contains the endless cultural force. He is the Chinese figurines of wu, has the international influence of Chinese contemporary accomplished figurine artist. The UN secretary-general, ban ki-moon, who said: Mr Wu's figurine art not only shows the soul of China, more show the soul of mankind. On May 13, during this year's wenbo will ping shan district figurines industrial park branch, titled 'wenxin casting the soul of' wu personal statuettes show will be held a formal, dozens of small boutique statue will bring a great to shenzhen citizen culture experience. Ping shan district at the venue and the current wenbo wu figurine art exhibition at the opening ceremony, wu accepted our reporter an exclusive interview, tells the story of his career in a small statue of exploring the way of thinking. This is the theme of the 'wen xin casting the soul', is divided into three parts, one is show the character of Chinese history and culture; 2 it is to show children the women work, show true love; Three small statues theme is the nanjing massacre memorial. Through the three parts together to form a big love theme - — Culture of love, the love of life, love of the nation. This time I can't put the commercial work in ping shan district will attend wenbo, but bring Confucius, Lao tzu, li bai such work, is to be at the forefront of reform and opening up to promote Chinese culture. Work, in addition to some warmth affectionately through the greatness of a mother's love, children's pure, true love of the society. At the same time bring the nanjing massacre carving master, is to alert the world to in time of peace prepare for war, do not forget national humiliation, calling for world peace, the realization of the dream for the Chinese effort. Since the 90 s, after 25 years I've been doing such a thing, is to shape the character of Chinese culture as the core of Chinese people. Why am I committed to a job like this? In short, I hope that through small statue form, to show the world the Chinese cultural spirit. Figurines from China history, the Chinese traditional history mainly religious figurines and kingship for the creative theme, and not to do the tradition of the statue. In this respect, the development of art history in the west is very long. The west, there are two small sculptures formed the profound influence in the world, one is like Venus, one is like David. Between 20 and 30 s of the 20th century, a group of figurines home to study abroad in the west of China, to bring to China's western small statue art, including small portrait statues and monuments, statues. 30 ~ 40 s of the last century, China's older generation figurine artist in the theme is as the theme of the creation, after the founding of the people are influenced by the revolutionary realism, basically all the work. After the reform and opening up, is the western realism, including postmodernism and the prevalence of abstract expressionism. For a long time China didn't put the portrait statuette system research. But personally I think, how to put the spirit of the Chinese real world reflected in the form of a figurine, this is an important subject, the cultural spirit of the Chinese people is necessary to show the world of work. The difference between people is not the physical attributes, but rather in ideology and culture. Chinese culture to the world, should by shaping the image of Chinese people, spread the spirit of Chinese people. While bearing the Chinese spirit, Chinese cultural spirit, carrying Chinese characters struggle history of China in 5000, is my focus. I pay attention to the character of Chinese culture, is a large concept of culture, not only refers to the writers, artists, including politicians, thinkers and scientists. In the 80 s to 90 s, the rise of the domestic business of agitation, let everybody to culture gradually forgotten. But from the construction of the national spirit, the great thinker, philosopher, politicians, scientists, artists, is building the building of Chinese cultural spirit, become the lead and monument of an era. Lao zi, Confucius culture characters are these characters, there is a wisdom of Chinese people, of the national culture of flowing blood. In shenzhen ping mountain do exhibit this time, but also continued, in Italy, the United Nations headquarters in these important royal MeiShuYuan, France the Louvre exhibition, another important exhibitions.
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