To admire the Indonesian figurine experience unusual diving underwater fun

by:Ennas      2021-09-14
Core tip: 【 The web composite. In recent years, many creative, lifelike figurines quietly appeared in the waters near Indonesia Bali and lombok, yinde countless visitors' The web composite. In recent years, many creative, lifelike figurines quietly appeared in the waters near Indonesia Bali and lombok, yinde countless visitors to enjoy. Today, we will follow Singapore famous tourist site 'relax' to see these figurines, charismatic and they experience the fun of diving together! Bali's mother virtuous orchid: coral goddess ( 珊瑚女神,Pemuteran巴厘岛) Coral goddess in Bali, her mother in the north, the virtuous orchid, adjacent to the Ocean Park and Meng Zan dry island, Menjangan岛) While Meng Zan dry island is full of colorful sea creatures, there are a lot of coral reefs in shallow waters, and there are few fast-flowing water, very suitable for diving and snorkeling, therefore is one of the best dive sites in Bali. Her mother virtuous orchid biological rock bay ( Bio- 岩石Pemuteran湾) Is a company designed to foster the coral. Since 2000, the company for the sea has installed more than 60 restore coral reefs, attract biological facilities back to the sea. In 2011, the company added coral statue of the goddess. Tourists can travel in the company project lead down to close contact with the goddess of coral. Gillett la vie: Deus motorcycle ( 上帝摩托车,吉利·Trawangan) Deus motorcycle is a special motorcycle, it's on the coast, the mayor of a small valley ( Canggu) Motorcycle manufacturing company warmly temple ( 上帝的殿热情) Made, and then shipped to in lombok, Lombok) Northwest coast gillett la vie. In geely, vie after reassembling the figurine, dive to 5 meters away from the sea, by gillett la vie ecological trust company maintenance and management. This company is a non-governmental organization, working to protect fragile coral reefs in geely islands surrounded. The ancient hotel graph: lombok cologne ( Tugu龙,Tugu Lombok酒店) Figure cologne is a trustee in lombok ancient hotel, 100 meters away from offshore, its head by the local famous statuette home it specially, asaph, Ketut Putrayasa) Sculpture, body metal rebar by twisting and winding, Marine life is shelter. Above this figurine a pontoon bridge, the bridge equipped with solar panels, for the work of art. In addition to admire figure cologne figurines, you can fully enjoy sunbathing here, because it provides such a special place. Bali amed: mermaid ( 美人鱼,艾湄湾巴厘岛) In nearly a decade, amed many underwater structure has been added, some of them attractive small mermaid statue. The figurines are made by the cement in the pH is neutral, is one of the most beautiful artificial reef design. Mermaid this a small statue alone light up around her waters, its beauty. Today, Indonesia is implementing a sustainable management approach, hoping to attract more visitors to dive to relax. ( Practice compiler: JingJing review: Zhao Xiaoxia)
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