Tmall Double 11 toy brand record: Big changes in the ranking of smart early education toy brands

by:Ennas      2022-01-27
On the night of the record night of the 2020 Tmall Double 11 global carnival season, the strength of the last money is still making the sales of many platforms soar. Tmall Double Eleven 30-minute turnover exceeds 372.3 billion; November 1st 00:00 to November 11th At 00:09, JD’s 11.11 cumulative order amount exceeded 200 billion yuan; Suning.com’s 19-minute GMV exceeded 5 billion. Focusing on the maternal and child industry, Babycare broke 400 million on Tmall Double Eleven in seconds; Huohuo Tmall broke 1 million sales in three minutes on Double Eleven.... Double 11 is not only a fast-moving consumer, but also a major one. In the big test of the brand, who can have the upper hand among the old rivals and who can stand out from the new brand? Toys Frontier has compiled the latest toy brand rankings. Let’s take a look. As of 18:00 on November 11, the top 20 of Tmall Double 11 toy brand sales rankings has been released. The specific rankings are as follows: Toys/Childrens/Puzzles /Building block/model brand top20▌The strength of the domestic product building block brand is gradually showing. As of 11:30 on November 11, Tmall Double Eleven toys/baby stroller/puzzle/building block/model brand top10 brands are LEGO/Lego, bc babycare, KUB/Kyobi, Qiaohu, Phoenix/Phoenix, Disney/Disney, Goodbaby/Goodbaby, Brooke, Forever, Little Pien. Judging from the toy top20 list, Lego is very popular in both the children's market and the adult market. At the beginning of the Double Eleven pre-sale list, the pre-sale amount has exceeded 10 million yuan, occupying the first place in the toy brand ranking. The runner-up was bc babycare, followed by KUB/Coyobi. Toys Frontier browsed the Babycare WeChat official account and found that at November 10, Babycare deliberately sorted out the list of maternal and child products and popular models on the JD platform. Toys are related to categories. Baby fitness frame, crawling mat, building blocks-Odin Paradise, reading pen. Among them, the cumulative sales of fitness frames and building blocks reached 30,000+ and 39,000 respectively. In addition, bc babycare ranked second in the TOP20 brand list of early education/smart toys. Compared with Babycare's simple and direct performance, KUB/Kyubi's official WeChat account diversion is a bit rough, and it has not directly sorted out the links of the store's hottest items. The brand concentration of Pincha building blocks is relatively high, and the strength of the domestic building blocks brand is gradually emerging. For the new domestic product brand Bruco, from the pre-sale to the present performance is quite outstanding, ranking eighth in the toy brand list. Another building block brand, Wangao, as of 16:00 on November 11th, Wangao won the sixth place in the double eleven maternity and infant rookie. Information from the background data shows that from January to August 2020, the market size of bead/puzzle/matching/disassembly/beating toys will be 9.12 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 34.2%. In terms of product price, the average price of Lego is 740 yuan, the average price of Hape is more than 700, the average price of domestic Bruco is 500 yuan, and the average price of Audi double diamond is 270 yuan. Compared with foreign brands, domestic brand products are more cost-effective. It can be seen that whether it is children's large-particle building table or magnetic sheet assembly building block products, they are all enthusiastically sought after by consumers. Of course, brand products that are well-known to users are more likely to impress consumers. AULDEY/Audi Double Diamond, a subsidiary of Aofei Entertainment, ranked 13th. In addition, Disney/Disney ranked sixth in the top 20 brand list, and the toy front browsed the flagship store on Disney’s Tmall official website, and found that the Frozen Princess IP in the store was vocal Doll sales are shining. The monthly sales volume of dolls priced at 180 yuan reaches more than 10,000 pieces. Backed by a wealth of IP, the strength cannot be underestimated. ▌The ranking of the intelligent early education market has changed a lot. Peter has become a dark horse in the industry. In the TOP20 list of early education/smart toy brands, the top ten are Qiaohu, Little Pien, Niu Tingting, Huohuotu, bc babycare, LING/物灵, Qu way/趣威文化, Bei Ling , Hong En. Specifically: Early childhood education/smart toy brand TOP20 From the early childhood education/smart toy brand TOP20 list, the Japanese early education puzzle brand Qiaohu ranked first; Niutingting and Huohuotu ranked TOP3 and TOP4. Educational brands such as Qiaohu, Qitianzhen, Hong En, Kaishu Storytelling, and Xiaomi ecological brands are also on the list. It is worth noting that Little Bien has won the second place in the early education/smart toy industry, and has become a dark horse in the industry and ranks among the top brands in the industry. In terms of product prices, the average price of Qiaohu is 2700 yuan, the average price of Wuling is 1,000 yuan, Niutingting is 920 yuan, and the average price of Xiaobien is 870 yuan, and the average price of Logic Dog, Belling and Hong En is between 400 and 420. . Compared with products such as Wuling and Xiaobien, the average price of Fire Rabbit is between 200 and 300 yuan, and the price is much closer to the people. On the whole, the entire early childhood education/smart toy brand has changed a lot, and it also reflects from the side that there are more uncertainties in the market and greater market opportunities. In the fiercely competitive market environment, how do many toy brands win the minds of users? On January 13, 2021, the Young Talents 2020 Future Maternal and Child Conference and the 6th Cherry Awards Annual Ceremony hosted by Maternal and Child Industry Observation will be held in Shanghai. At that time, more than 100 senior guests will focus on new opportunities for consumption Live broadcast and short video, private domain traffic, digital transformation and other keywords are shared. At the same time, the 13 major categories of maternal and child power lists, such as toys and IP, will be released at the same time, waiting for you to unveil the list together!
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