Tianjin Customs seized and rejected 76 batches of unqualified imported children's products including plastic capsule toys

by:Ennas      2022-01-18
Recently, Tianjin Xingang Customs seized a batch of imported plastic capsule toys with unqualified safety signs, totaling 6,410. It is reported that this batch of plastic capsule toys contains small parts, but there are no warning instructions and age-applicable signs that are not suitable for children under 3 years old, and they do not meet the relevant requirements of the national technical regulations. In the past year, Tianjin Customs has seized a total of 76 batches of unqualified imported children's products, totaling 287,000 pieces, involving problems such as imported baby diapers without Chinese labels, unqualified recovery rate of imported children's toothbrush monofilaments, and unqualified safety labels for imported toys. In recent years, Tianjin Customs has strengthened the quality and safety risk monitoring and information collection of toys, baby bottle pacifiers, baby clothing, baby diapers, stationery and other children’s products, and played the role of the Import and Export Commodity Quality and Safety Risk Assessment Center (Tianjin), and timely based on the assessment results Issue risk warnings or strengthen risk control. In addition, unqualified imported children's products shall be returned or supervised and destroyed in accordance with the law to keep unqualified children's products out of the country.
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