Tianjin art middle painter backed

by:Ennas      2020-06-16
Core tip: the traditional Chinese painting works gold medal 'zero' the eleventh tianjin art exhibition recently opened 6 yuan art district in tianjin, the first part of the exhibition on display ( The traditional Chinese painting and statuettes) Works three hundred and fifty Chinese painting gold medal 'zero' the eleventh tianjin art exhibition recently opened 6 yuan art district in tianjin, the first part of the exhibition on display, The traditional Chinese painting and statuettes) Works more than three hundred and fifty, tianjin feng jincai, chairman of the federation attended the opening ceremony. Federation of tianjin party secretary Sun Fuhai said, either from the perspective of the art of guinness macro development process, or from the point of view of microcosmic individual creation vigor, pen and ink should follow era. And nowadays, it is an era of the pursuit of free from vulgarity. Under the influence of different people in different scenarios will determine one's own thinking orientation, self expression form and interest standard. The elegantly works of art is contained the ICONS on the national spirit of philosophical thinking as well as to the deep feeling of life value. He said, a group of obscure young and middle-aged painters group to stand out, make a person feel very pleasant surprise. Young people can stay away from the temptation of money and impetuous, years mill rocks, outstand. Their basic skills, strange idea, style simple, fable. From their landscape paintings, fang Buddha mountain stream be vividly portrayed, can be heard to succumb to the flow of qingxi ring. From their flower-and-bird paintings, seem to hear Chinese passion bird, smelling the bright flowers in the gardens. From their figure painting, we can see the reform era people heart to contain the huge potential and hope to give a person with infinite daydream. In the art and figurines part in the exhibition of traditional Chinese painting, Chinese painting works 'yanshan everywhere in the late autumn', the 'sun', 'zero' has received the attention. Well-known art critic wen-zhi wang said, 'yanshan everywhere in the late autumn' with high perspective depicts the yanshan mountains ups and downs, stack the feeling of green jade, draw very deeply, such as increased white space, the effect is much better. 'The sun' a picture painted with triangular composition rich life in the countryside, the sublimation in the warm sun warm atmosphere, contemporary. Works with the 'zero' depicting characters dignified, finely of small items to form a circle composition not commonly used method, originally the two young people on the picture of segmentation, a novel. Tianjin art exhibition held once every five years, is the most authoritative, professional and demonstration of the tianjin fine arts exhibition, represents the highest level of the current guinness fine arts. The first part of the exhibition renewal to the 19th of this month. The second part of paintings, prints, paintings, works of lacquer painting, anime, etc will be on the 20th of this month, in the sixth courtyard.
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