Tian huang stone carving 'king rotten ke' the exquisite workmanship is hard to find _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-20
Core tip: field-yellow stone carvings here is to show the pit of the king rotten ke head tian stone works, from the famous Wang Shijie hand, USES a thin carving techniques. Tian stone 'emperor' prices field-yellow stone carvings here to show pit head 'king rotten ke' tian huang stone works, from the famous Wang Shijie hand, USES a thin carving techniques. Tian a stone 'emperor,' said, valuable, a few weeks before the edition of the han and tang dynasties culture has made a detailed introduction, 4. 38 kilograms of tian is rare in today's collectors. And with exquisite carving skills, but also gives the spirit rhyme. Thin is a special noun shou stone, also is a kind of unique artistic technique of expression shou stone carving, sculpture art is a difficult. 'Thin' carving products, always with 'elegant, work fine, nearly HuaLi' is known, it is a calligraphy, seal cutting and painting to be in harmony an organic whole, unique art and between painting and sculpture. In the limited shallow space carved out multi-level three-dimensional scene. Classical sculpture based on the content of the story, according to the 'the column fairy complete biography' recorded in a story: king logging into the mountain, in the Chambers to see two old man in it is good playing chess, then stop, this station will not JiaoShi has been one hundred years, its handle rotten soil, home relatives don't save, then into the mountain road. Shi weng Wang Shijie expressed through the stories in the Stone Age pen regrets in life. The composition and material selection of rare pit head tian, to the authors original thin layer of carving techniques, is living a rare shoushan stone art treasures. Titles pit head used in this work for ivory white and part of the natural, warm welcome, large material is hard to find.
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