'Three Questions' for gift giving: What to give? Why to give it? When to give it?

by:Ennas      2022-02-14

So far, the best business gift I have received brought me the biggest surprise: A business partner called the restaurant in advance when I was out for dinner with a friend and told the waiter that he would Pay the bill for the red wine for our meal, please order as you please. After we learned, the waiter recommended three bottles of excellent Scotch whisky. That's the best wine I've ever drunk.   This gift became the biggest highlight of the night, and it made the night unforgettable. Although giving us the right to choose wine is a bit of a cost risk for the gift giver, the most important thing is that it is really selfless, considerate and full of surprises-this is the standard for a perfect gift. If your gift can't do these three points, it may not be bad, but it is definitely not a good gift. So, since you have gone to great lengths to give gifts to others, why not be perfect? u200bu200b   First of all, what is the purpose of this gift?    When you choose a business gift for someone, first ask yourself why you want to give it to that person. Do you want to be grateful for the other person’s past favors, or ask him to take care of you in the future? Do you mean bribery, or hope to get the benefits of not giving gifts? Do you want to give gifts to find a job, raise financing, ask for help, or want to Avoid some kind of punishment? In other words, do you have some kind of bad 'attempts to give gifts?' If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, it's not a big deal-in business, it is inevitable that you have to constantly refresh the lower limit of moral standards. But the point is that these are not real gifts, but something else. This can be called bribery, or it can be called slapping a horse through the back door. Since you are trying to please him, just choose the expensive one. Anyway, this is not a gift at all.   The business gifts we are going to talk about next are real gifts, selfless, considerate, full of caring and surprises, and don’t have to be expensive (this is good news, right).  But what do you want to give? Why do you give this? When?   Sometimes success in the workplace requires gifts, such as ending a round of financing, anniversaries, promotion, team training and winning the first place in a tug-of-war competition. But the gift to commemorate a relationship is more important than the gift to commemorate an event. Gifts are not for the event, but for the person and what this person means to you.   So when to give gifts is very simple, the answer is anytime. As for what to give, you have to focus on the right place, and the so-called 'right place' means what the person receiving the gift wants. I mean you have to think carefully about what the other party likes, instead of buying a bottle at random Champagne.    The most important thing is to let your gift tell him that you have them in your heart.” said John Poisson, CEO of Wantful. Wantful has operations in San Francisco and New York, mainly providing business gift services. Show that you value the relationship, value what they do for you, or that you are happy to be their colleague, supplier or partner. '  The gift should be unique and make the recipient feel tailored for him. Therefore, you have to present a gift that is higher than the ticket, wine or business card holder; even these things must be given extraordinary. From the other party A performance ticket from a performance group in his hometown, a bottle of wine at the other’s favorite resort winery, or a stationery with his name printed on it, may be appreciated by him. Or recall the content of your chats in the past, can you find inspiration from it? Like Ireland? You can send a bottle of Bushmills' old whiskey. He has a holiday villa in the country? Then you send a Bluetooth microphone. He likes San Francisco? Send a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.    But if you don’t know anything, what? ?It’s also simple. Customize the gift for the other party. You know the name of the other party. Customized gifts can satisfy people’s self-awareness. This not only shows that the person receiving the gift is qualified to own this thing, but also makes the gift be marked with the other party’s Marked and more valuable. You can customize cups, handbags, wallets, bath towels, suitcases, business card holders, scabbards, a long sword, or a small electric car. By the way, there are office supplies.
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