Three practical tips to make gift giving easier

by:Ennas      2022-02-13

Before we understand the three great strategies of gift-giving skills, we need to understand why gift-giving skills are produced. Why did gift-giving skills arise? Where is it used? The answer to this question is, of course, that people want to make their gifts better accepted by others, and better make their gifts achieve the desired purpose. And its use is naturally in the process of giving gifts. Yes, this answer is correct. Through this answer, we can understand that the purpose of gift-giving techniques is so simple, in order to make our own goals easier to achieve and make our gifts acceptable to others. So when you understand this, I believe that your motivation for giving gifts to yourself is very clear, so next we will talk about the three great strategies. 1. Borrowing flowers to present the Buddha' originally meant that other people’s flowers were offered to the bodhisattva, and it was likened to using other people’s things to do favors. Of course, using these four words here is not to let you really give other people’s things to others. It is for you to master this kind of art of 'borrowing flowers to offer Buddha' when giving gifts. To give an example, when you want to give a souvenir gift to a certain one and you cannot find a suitable reason, you are even more afraid that the other party will refuse your gift. At this time, you can tell the other party that these are some of the local specialties you brought from your hometown. There are not many things. You can share some for the other party to try them out. You don’t have to spend any money and you didn’t buy them specially. Ask the other party to collect them. Down. Generally speaking, when you say this, even if the other person's mind is afraid of whether you have any purpose, the refusal mentality will be eliminated, and it will be easier to accept your gift.  Second, let’s first say that it is a gift by   . Sending something to someone else is a gift. Among the gift-giving techniques, 'Looking first' is also a more practical gift-giving technique. If the gift you give happens to be an item, then you may as well say directly to the recipient that this thing is stored in my house, so you may take it. Go ahead and use it before you buy it in the future. 'Under such words, the recipient will definitely accept the gift you borrowed.' If you want to give money to the other party, then you can also say this. Hold the flower first and return it later. In the same way, it is easier to make the recipient feel at ease by 'rather than sending it.' And with this technique, as long as you don't urge him to pay it back, it will become a gift for a long time. This will not only reduce the psychological burden of the recipient, but also achieve the purpose of your gift.    Three, you want to catch it, you want to catch it.' This is the sixteenth of the 36 strategies in 'The Art of WarDeliberately let go of him first, let him relax, fully exposed, and then catch him. Applying this principle to gift-giving techniques also applies. In order to make your gift better accepted when giving gifts, you can first deliberately ask the other party to do a little favor, and then stately said: Thank you for your help, this is my little gratitude. 'In this way, you can deliver your gifts to the other party smoothly and smoothly. If you want the other party to accept your gift, let the other party help you in advance. This is the same as the desire to get caught in the art of war.' Therefore, this This method is often used by people.
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